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Thursday, June 8, 2017

watching and waiting

 I haven't been making many political statements lately. It s just that I have pretty much made my feelings known. When I was writing about political views it did create a stir. I got caught up in that maelstrom and damage was done. Well be that as it may I never said anything I didn't mean. I may have been misunderstood a few times or I just didn't understand what the other person was saying. Whatever the case is, that is behind me now and I just keep moving forward.
 Now this morning I see that James Comey is going to testify before Congress. They say he has a seven page brief that he is going to present. Call me a skeptic but I would have to question Mr. Comeys' motives. Oh I know he was subpoenaed and at first there was talk if he would honor that. That is some legalize I don't understand really, I didn't know you got a choice when subpoenaed, but now he is going to talk. Of course let's keep in mind the agenda is to destroy Trump, the man who fired him. No matter which side of the political aisle you stand on you have to see that. Charges of " obstruction of justice " are already flying around. The screams for impeachment are getting louder ! The Dems just can't accept the fact that Trump won the election.
 And then there is the Russians. The Russians interfered in our elections to get Trump elected because Trump is such a cooperative man. Yup, Trump will just go along with anything for a dollar. The fix was in. When it is on tape Obama telling the Russians he can be more " flexible " after the presidency no one seemed to be bothered by that. I wonder just what he was talking about ? That ambassador said he would be sure to tell Vladimir. All very chummy. Strangely the Russians don't seem all that thrilled with Trump but I guess it is all just a ruse.
 I am just getting tired of congress expending thousands, possibly millions, of dollars on all these investigations. When the only agenda is to get rid of Trump any way possible. It is getting to be quite an obvious thing. Ever since the election results were known there has been a steady string of accusations and investigations. This latest one is because Trump spoke privately with the head of the FBI. Comey says the talks were uncomfortable. Well for the most part any time I've had to talk with my boss it was uncomfortable ! I guess Trump, the boss, didn't like what Comey had to say or wasn't happy with what he was doing, he fired him. Thing is, that is his prerogative. And now the guy that got fired is going to " testify " about all of this. Those conversations were private. That means it is a matter of he said, I said. Just how are we going to " prove " anything ? The press and the Dems have already decided that whatever Trump says is a lie and that Comey is a saint !  All I can say is Comey should be thankful it isn't Clinton, or he might be committing suicide about now !
 Well it is apparent that this will continue as long as Trump is in office. I had hoped that things would calm down just a bit. It hasn't. This isn't what the democratic process is supposed to look like. We had our elections. Despite all the complaining and allegations, from both sides about improprieties, Trump was elected. Now ALL our representatives are supposed to be working together to govern the nation. What we have instead is half the representatives working to remove their boss. The other half is fragmented between supporting the boss and just keeping a low profile. Just how anything meaningful is supposed to get done is beyond me. I'm thinking it will be four years of investigations. Well unless they succeed in getting Trump ousted somehow. Only time will tell.