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Friday, June 9, 2017


 I watched some of the Comey testimony before congress yesterday. It went just about as I expected. Each Senator trying to grab the spotlight with their questions and remarks. I don't see where much was accomplished but then I didn't watch the whole deal. I had other things to do. I did notice that when he was sworn in it did include the words, " so help me God. " Now that is an oath we are all familiar with. In the court you can say " I affirm " if saying swear offends you. I've always found that a bit amusing. I won't swear but I'll affirm. Are we splitting hairs here or is it just me ?
 That came to mind later in the day when I saw a posting about removing the words " In God we Trust " from some states license plates. I think it may be Florida that has that on them. I'm not sure if all of them do or if it is an option, somebody from Florida can straighten me out in that regard. The important part was this push to have those words removed. Every once in a while I see they want it taken off our coins and money. The ten commandments have been removed from court rooms and other public buildings. But as far as I know we still say , " I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. " If we continue to remove God and any reference to him or his words what will we swear to ? Opps, I mean affirm. And then just who is going to " help " us ? Isn't it the implied punishment of going to hell the real penalty for lying under oath. Oh sure man has provided penalties for perjury but they are temporary ones. Only God can help you in the end. That is why we say, " so help me God."
 So if we take that away what will we say ? I affirm my statements to be the truth. " In short, trust me, I'm telling the truth. The only problem we have these days is that truth has become a subjective thing. Just listening to the testimony given in those senate hearings yesterday made that obvious. Comey says I took notes and affirm that is exactly what the President said. Then the questioning senator says, but what did he mean by those words ? Comey says, I took it to mean this or that. Is that testimony or just asking for an opinion ? Look ask me about the guy that just fired me and I'll tell you what I think too. Thing is ask me about the same guy after he gives me a raise. I'm thinking my opinion might be a bit different. Now Comey did take that oath so I have to assume he believes it. I'll give that man the benefit of the doubt but from what I heard it was mostly his opinions, not sworn testimony. He kept saying, " I could be wrong. " That to me implies that he doesn't really swear by those statements. Quite a telling thing to me but I'm not a politician just the average joe.
 Well I've rambled on about this long enough. As I said when I started this I was just thinking about taking an oath with God as the qualifier. I can see a trend where that will one day be removed entirely. Perhaps there has already been some provision made for that that I don't know about. I do wonder if a person is a atheist, agnostic or a deist do they have to say so help me God ? And if they do, aren't they then lying ? Is the truth measured by God ? Well, only God can know the truth in our hearts and I think that is the truth we are seeking here. I also believe the denial or avoidance of the truth will not change that truth. That is the belief at the core of it all. In the end the truth is revealed and you are judged. It has always been so. Man pleads for vindication from his God when facing death. Some would call that forgiveness because no man is without fault. You can only be vindicated by the truth ! That's my thinking on that anyway.