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Just Me
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

I'm back

 It was Tuesday morning and all was going well. I looked out my upstairs window and saw a Verizon employee up the pole two doors down. I didn't give it much thought as I often see these folks climbing in the rigging of this modern day, connected world. I had in mind to scan a old photograph to send to my sister. Thing is I had just purchased a new printer/scanner and hadn't downloaded all the software for it. No problem, I'll just go online and get it. Problem, no internet access ! That is the message I got. Well I have suffered temporary outages before I'll just be patient. I did notice that Verizon man had moved from that pole to another location. Maybe that has something to do with this problem but I'll give him time to finish up and then I'll see. To shorten the tale a bit, he left and took my internet connection with him !
 I called my internet provider, as they bill themselves, and all I got from them was, your modem isn't online. Well duh, I'm no connectivity expert but I knew that already, that's why I called you. They couldn't determine what was wrong. At first the representative said, I'll schedule an appointment for a service professional to come out please hold. So, I held. After a bit this person comes back and says, our advance team informs me that there is a general outage in Greensboro and service should be restored by this evening. Well, okay then, I'll just have to wait. I waited and service didn't return that evening. Another call and I go through the whole process again to be told, your modem isn't online. Yeah, I know that. They will have to schedule a service professional. He'll be there Friday morning between eight and ten. He shows up during the scheduled time frame, a minor miracle that I give thanks for. He looks at the wire coming from the pole and says , it looks pretty old, I'm going to replace it. He gets his ladder and all the necessary stuff and up the pole he goes. It is then he discovers someone has unscrewed the connector on my wire. I'm not connected to the internet at all ! Well, isn't that something he says, guess somebody thought that old wire wasn't being used and disconnected it. So, for almost four days I have no internet service because somebody unscrews the connector ! I'm blaming that Verizon guy ! I've been sabotaged. Well that guy did have a pony tail ! Probably high as a kite. He didn't look too confident when he was working on that stuff.
 And so I was exiled to no internet for a few days. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I will say it was different. Funny how quickly you can become dependent upon something. A few times a question came up and I thought, I'll just google it. Nope, you have no internet connection. I could have gone to the library ! Now there is a novel idea. Did you catch that pun, a " novel " idea. Oh how the times change. But I made it through the wilderness of no connectivity and back to Facebook and this blog land.
 I will say I was overwhelmed by the number of folks inquiring about my absence. It sure is a heartwarming thing to know that you are missed. My Facebook family ! It is a wonderful thing. Social media can be a good thing. It is a real shame that some use it as a vehicle to spread hate and dissention. I must say I will view it differently from now on. Hey, maybe social media does involve a bit of fantasy but that's alright too. We can be whatever we want to be, let's all choose to be nice. Wouldn't that be wonderful ?