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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Old pictures and new life

 I was pleased to share an old photograph yesterday with another family member. It is a picture of my Aunt Olga. I knew her when I was growing up but wouldn't say we were very close. Well you know how it can be with your Aunts. Mom takes you along to brag about you a little bit but doesn't want you saying too much. Yes, Moms will dress up their children and let them tag along with the admonishment, be on your best behavior, or else ! You knew what that meant. But anyway I have been talking with a young lady that I suspected was a relative of mine. It was confirmed yesterday.
 My Aunt is her husbands Grandmother. Say what ? I'm so old that my aunt is grandmother to a married man ! Hmm, that will give you pause. The truth is a generation is generally considered to be twenty years. It can, of course , be less. So when you reach your sixties, still young, but you are at least three generations old. You could have known a couple generations before you, and will know several while you are still around. Hey I knew my great great grandfather and I have Grandchildren of my own. That is six generations ! My second great grandfather was born in 1887 and my granddaughter in 2002. That's quite a span of time. I have photographs that cover a major portion of that time frame, possibly before that by ten years or so. But the picture I shared was from 1934.
 As I have written many times in the past I do enjoy working on the family tree. I enjoy it the most when I can share that information with others. When those others are related, either by blood or marriage, it is doubly enjoyable. I'm certain there are many old family photographs out there. I would love to get any that I can. As I say I am just as pleased to share the ones I have. Isn't that the point of having those photographs in the first place ? It doesn't make any difference to me if I ever knew the person or not. I have several pictures around of ancestors that were gone long before my time, doesn't mean I shouldn't have their picture on the wall. The fact is, I find them fascinating. I will look at them closely and try to figure out what their personality may have been like. Some looked bored, others proud and still others distracted. It is an interesting diversion sometimes.
 I do have quite a number of photographs in my family tree. I have gathered them from various places and people. Some of those people that provided pictures I have never met personally. They were just folks I met climbing around the tree. Those folks came from my fathers side of the family. I didn't know anything about them at all before starting this tree. It is fascinating to have an actual image of them. I do wonder what will become of my photographs after I am gone. My hope is my son or grandson will treasure and keep them, adding to the collection. Yet, even as I write this I haven't really catalogued or assembled those pictures into anything meaningful. I should, but that's a project for another day ! I know, that is what I say now and it will probably not happen, but it is good advice and fun to think about.
 Yes I enjoy collecting old photographs of family members and a few friends as well. They extend beyond my memory and that is just fine with me. I'm excited to be the caretaker of past memories, even when those memories aren't mine. I am very happy to share them as well. Pictures are always better than words. Well pictures accompanied by words are the best. If you can put a name to the face relate that to the one looking, that is pure gold in my opinion. If someone were to ask me I would have to say, I collect memories attached to the past that lead to the future. All pictures are a memory for someone. When that someone dies the memory goes with them. That doesn't mean that picture can't get new life. It is up to those left behind to save those memories or create a new one. Old pictures and new life, it has always been so. Cavemen drew their memories on the walls and the tradition continues. It is only the manner in which we share those memories that has changed.