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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

just passing through

  What if you were just passing through, would you be alright with that ? It is a question I have asked myself on occasion. What if I am just passing through ? What I mean is, I'm not here for any special purpose or reason at all, I'm just passing through. I find my ego balks at that notion. It must be ego, what else could it be ? I haven't received any messages or signs from above. No, I have always done what I thought best for me at the moment. And doesn't that sound selfish ? Yes it does, but there have been times when what was best for me was better for another and that was why I did it ! Did you follow that logic ? I am aware that sometimes what is best for me is better for someone else. There are also times when just doing what I feel is best for me leaves me with a sense of guilt. I do believe it is somewhat of a delicate balance between the two.
 In the last few years I have taken up writing these blogs or essays whatever you wish to call them. At first they were just a form of entertainment to me. A sort of self gratification to see my words in print, on the internet, even though I put them there. The satisfaction of self publication. Gradually I decided they could become a record of my thoughts for future generations. As I put it some time back, I get to tell my side of the story even after I'm gone. That was assuming I would be talked about and remembered. Is that presumptuous of me ? I don't think it is as far as my immediate family is concerned. I'm quite certain I will be talked about and remembered for at least a few years. The reality is as the years go by those remembrances will get less frequent.
 Over time I thought I would like to write some words of substance. That is the way I expressed my idea. Now I don't claim to be a scholar of any kind. I graduated high school and have some college credits to my name but that is the extent of that. I know that degrees don't make you smart. All of us folks without one will tell you that. I understand it completely. Degrees are what society accepts as intelligence. The proof of that is when they bestow an " honorary " degree upon someone. The educated folks are saying you are almost as smart as us, all you need is a degree ! That's the way I see that anyway, although it would be an honor to receive such.
 It is possible to write some words of substance without having a degree many have done so over the ages. The real problem is in getting attention. If what you're writing doesn't show a great promise of profit it isn't likely to be published. I do think that is changing today with all this posting to the internet and You tube, forums like that. I think they call it going viral when you gain popularity in that way. Then the problem is just gaining attention in a crowd. You would have to be different that much is sure. I don't think I'm much different than most. That is why I think maybe I'm just passing through. I don't know where I came from, or where I'm going, but I'm on a journey. How long is it ? I don't know, no one knows. I'm a realist in that regard anyway, I know the journey here on this earth will end. The longer you're here the end grows nearer.  I'm starting to feel a sense of urgency. What is it that I need to get done ? That is the big question facing me these days. Of course there I go assuming I'm here for a purpose, what if I'm not ?
 Well the truth is it is all a matter of degrees isn't it ? We all wonder about the degree of our importance in our world. The greater our importance the longer we will be remembered, isn't that it ? We all want to feel important and that we made an important contribution. Our lives have to mean something ! We are here for a purpose. Then the question I'm asking is, are you satisfied with your role in life ? Is it enough ? What if you are just passing through ? Is that alright with you ?