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Just Me
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Friday, May 5, 2017


 The harshest reality is looking in the mirror. That is my thought this fine Friday morning. I have looked in the mirror with accusing eyes. I can't deny the excuses made, the justification for actions taken, and deceit that I have practiced. All of that is the harsh reality of life. The struggle is to reconcile your past with the present, and indeed,  plan for the future. The problem is the future in unknown and how can you plan for that ? One does have to go forward on faith alone. That is the first reality you have to accept. You can't control the future. All your plans are subject to change at any time. I have seen a meme that amuses me with its' honesty. It says, " if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. " I do think that is about the truth of it. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. There are times when it doesn't appear to make any sense at all. The question is, does it have to make sense ? I think you would have to know the end result to know that answer. All things in the proper context. Context is something we have begun to juxtapose with reality.
 The reality of my life is a study in context. I believe that to be true for all of us. We are influenced in our decisions by those around us. Anyone trying to tell me that they have always acted solely on their own logic or beliefs are being less than truthful. It is human nature to want to belong to a group. Humans are social animals you know. And so we are influenced by the pack. It is difficult to remain steadfast in ones beliefs when the pack changes. The pack will always change with members coming and going. I have been guilty of following the pack and it is that accusation I can't deny. One should never attempt to deny what is known to you as truth, even when that truth is less than flattering. It is a difficult thing to walk alone but necessary at times. It is those times, the times when I should have walked alone but didn't that I feel guilt for. There have been times when I disappointed myself. That is the worst disappointment of all.  Our character should never depend upon the context. You are either right or wrong.
 That is why I believe the harshest reality should be looking in the mirror. You are the only one that knows the full truth. There are times when I get feeling a little too self righteous and those accusing eyes will stare back at me. I can't just turn and walk away from them either. I admit there are times when I don't recognize that old man in the mirror. I do wonder where he came from with some of these wild ideas. Ideas like you don't always have to win and you can just walk away. I wouldn't say I have always taken the easiest path but I haven't climbed any mountains either. And for that I am grateful. I have always known that life just isn't fair and have accepted that fact. What takes more time to learn is just because it isn't fair you don't have license to cheat. You also have no right to expect others to let you win. You really do have to play the hand given to you as best you can. You won't know how the game ends till it's over.