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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Offended by the obvious

 Yesterday I saw a news article about Adam Jones being " racially abused " at Fenway park. After reading the article and then listening to the news people on television it was determined he had been called names. Yes these names included references to his race. No doubt these remarks were offensive to most everyone, except of course the one saying them. This same bunch of apparently drunken fools disguised as fans where even throwing peanuts at him. Well, everyone was up in arms ! I made a casual comment about this on Facebook. I was just wondering what all the hulla baloo was all about. Is this the first incidence of this happening  ? I mean it is 2017 right, and everyone has been told to not harbor prejudice against anyone. I mean, they have been told and what an outrage it is that this would happen. So may folks offended by the obvious ! What I can't quite grasp is why ? Why are folks so upset by something that has happened since man figured out how to speak ? We all know it isn't right. We all know a whole bunch of stuff we shouldn't do but we keep on doing it, so don't act so surprised. All these folks scrambling for their " safe spaces. ! "  Makes me sick ! Let me tell you this much, if you start calling me offensive names I will not run to my safe space. I will most likely run up to you and punch you in the face ! In that way you will learn that speech can have consequences, same as actions. You are free to say what you will and I am free to react to that speech. Is either action correct ?
 It just seems to me that a whole of people these days want to jump on the bandwagon. They are all offended by the obvious. It is easier to just go with the mob isn't it ? Everyone should have the very finest medical care available and it should be free. Well isn't that just a humanitarian thought. Is it gonna happen ? Probably not, but we should all be offended by that. I was born a man but want to be a women, it's not fair so we can change that. Wrong ! Oh, how offensive you're not being inclusive. You're right, there are some that I don't include in my life and don't want them in my life either. That doesn't mean I'm going out of my way to harm them in anyway. If you choose an aberrant lifestyle don't be offended when you are not included, is my thinking. Has your own choice offended you ?
 All these people running around describing a utopia. If those same folks woke up and dealt with the world the way it really exists we would all be better off. Yeah, it would be wonderful if we all spoke kindly to each other, with love, compassion and empathy. We don't ! Listen , that ain't gonna happen no matter how much you find it offensive. About the best thing you can do is ignore fools like that. It is the attention they want and you sure are giving it to them. But you say we will charge them with a crime, hate speech ! So, now I have free speech except if you believe it to be hateful ? The first time this freedom of speech was restricted was based on public safety, hollering fire in a crowded theater for instance. That makes sense. But now we are saying that " hate " speech is just as bad and should be punishable by law. In the first scenario people could be seriously injured or even killed. In the second instance someone is going to be offended. It may start an altercation that is true, but hardly a public safety hazard. This whole notion of, if you don't agree with me you must hate me is just stupid. I've been married enough years to know better than that. We don't always agree but that doesn't mean I hate her. See how stupid that is ?
 Is it alright for drunken fans to harass a ball player ? Is it right that they called him names ? The answer is obvious enough for even the least intellectual among us. So just why was this national news ? That is what I was talking about. Oh it's pretty funny stuff when the late night comedians say all that stuff about everyone. That's not offensive is it ? Colbert I understand is in trouble somewhat for what he said about Trump and Putin, but I didn't hear that on the national news programs. Guess it wasn't offensive enough. As long as we allow the comedians to " entertain " us with all that stuff isn't that giving tacit approval ? Or is it only offensive sometimes ? Would Adam Jones have been as offended if they had called him an African-American that didn't play baseball very well ? No and why is that ? Once you understand that you can understand why people will use crude and offensive language towards others. Gee, surprising isn't it ? I'm so offended.