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Saturday, May 13, 2017

graveyard stew

 I must say I have been blessed with good health. All too often we take these things for granted and fail to appreciate the blessings we are given. I'd say that was just a part of human nature. It is only when things are called to our attention that we really take a closer look. This includes our fortunes as well as our misfortunes along the way. Anyway, these last few days having been sick got my attention. Oh I'm not going to say it has created some sort of revelation or anything, just a less than gentle reminder. I am blessed with an understanding wife that takes good care of me. A man couldn't ask for much more than that. I'm not a man to run to a doctor for everything that causes discomfort. That comes from my upbringing. We weren't much on preventative medicine or seeking help when we were sick. Things had to be " bad " before that happened. Most times Mom just fixed you up. If something gross needed doing, like lancing a boil, Dad did that. I never got any of those but brother Dan did and I remember that " operation " well. Dad sterilizing that needle in a candle flame, just like on tv, and lancing that rascal ! Then the squeezing began, oh, it wasn't a pleasant sight. Well, that was how it went down to our house. No doctors unless it was life threatening. Most times it was ginger ale and crackers, that'll get you back on your feet. I still use that formula today. There was another old family treatment, actually it was quite common, called graveyard stew. Now I have never personally eaten graveyard stew, as a kid the name alone was enough to deter me, I wasn't sure of the ingredients. In case you don't know, it's burned toast covered in boiled milk. Supposed to cure a number of ailments. That's what you had in the old days, ailments. Today we have an illness. Whatever you call it graveyard stew would fix it.
 I was thinking about this and how we never really paid much attention to things like that until they became a problem. Like I said, until it got our attention, prevention wasn't top on the list. What was top priority was getting through another day. You just got up, did what needed doing and hoped for better days. There was a common saying around my house every time something didn't go your way, better days are comin'. The sentiment was one of hope. Don't get yourself all worked up over things you can't control. And that is what I was thinking about. It seems to me that the current thinking is to make a cause out of everything. We waste time and energy worrying about what might be to the point of accomplishing nothing ! I agree an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, old Ben was right about that. I also believe you shouldn't be so concerned with prevention that you fail to do what is necessary for the day. What I mean is, if you take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself. That is another old adage I often heard as a child. I wasn't aware it was actually a Bible passage. I believe it is just telling us to do what is right today and you don't have to worry about " fixing " anything tomorrow. The prevention is built right in if you operate with that in mind. Some would call it being a good " steward " or practicing good stewardship, but I say it is just using common sense. I don't need science to verify the results of common sense, thank you very much. Yes, science can provide us with answers and insights but it can not predict the future ! Let us not get those things confused.
 If I had been going to regular doctor visits and screenings and such would it have prevented my illness ? Probably not as it was a viral infection of some type. Maybe if I wore a face mask, as some have taken to doing, I wouldn't have contracted it, who knows ? My point being who knows what tomorrow will bring. I practice reasonable precautions as a matter of course. Hand washing when required and exercising good common sense. Well It has gotten me to 63, not that impressive an age but how many more do I have ? I don't know and I can't concern myself with that. I have to do what is necessary for today. Strange isn't it, how we have taken to worrying so much about what might happen tomorrow that we fail to enjoy today. All these " causes " that are supposed to do what ? Have us worried and concerned for what might happen tomorrow ? A " cause " to prevent tomorrow from happening ? Well, I don't think that will happen. The only thing we may prevent is the way people respond to adversity. I was taught to , not worry about tomorrow but do what is required for today. Same concept as, one day at a time. The advice was correct the first time is was given,
 “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Mathew 6:34