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Thursday, May 25, 2017

maintaining disclipine

 I wrote yesterday about the girl that got pregnant they won't allow to walk across the graduation stage. I agree with their decision. I did receive some comments but not as many as I thought I might. I didn't expect my view to be a popular one. I did read what others had to say and considered that. One in particular took the view that as a Christian I should just forgive the girl and allow her to walk that stage. She was attending a Christian high school after all and it does seem like an unchristian act to deny her. She has admitted to her " mistake " as she called it and therefore shouldn't be punished. Using her decision to keep her child as justification for this. If she had committed a different " mistake " one that was not visible would she have reported that infraction ? Indeed I'm quite certain a number of other students are guilty of the same infraction and just not telling ! But all that aside I was left with a question in my mind about Christian forgiveness. Does that " forgiveness " exempt the person from the consequences of their actions ? I can forgive you for the theft, but wouldn't you still have to make reparations ? God may forgive us our sins but God still acknowledges that the sin was committed. If there are no " wages " for sin, for wrongdoing, why delineate those wrongdoings in the first place. It is my feeling it is all about discipline. Discipline in our lives is necessary for our own well being. Self discipline is the most important of all ! What is the most important thing a parent can teach their children ? I would say discipline, self control and accountability. Even when no one else is looking !
 I look at the situation today and I see far too much permissiveness. Being overly permissive leads to a degeneration of society. That really is the reason we have laws, to delineate what is permitted. That is what the constitution and the bill of rights all are about. These are the things we are guaranteed, the things we won by fighting the revolution and establishing our own republic. Since those times the lawyers have been arguing about what will be permitted. A great deal of what is now " permissible " was thought as " immoral " not long ago. And isn't being permissive tacit approval for doing things we know are wrong ? Even if it is a " one time " exception, we are acknowledging that is something we shouldn't be doing. I have read this somewhere in the past and it sticks in my mind. God gave us commandments, not suggestions ! If we break the commandments we will be punished, isn't that what we are taught ? Ah, but God forgives those that repent of their sins. True repentance requires acknowledgement of the wrong in our hearts and minds. Some religious practices require a penance to be performed. I'm not a Catholic but I believe they are given a penance to perform after confessing their sin to the Priest. I believe we all must pay that penance whether assigned by a priest or by our own volition. The penance is accepting the consequences of our actions or choices with repentance in our hearts, not asking for forgiveness. Forgiveness is granted by someone else. Christian charity is an extension of forgiveness. It is not approval of,  or absolution from the wrongdoing. If I admit to the crime I have still committed the crime, even if I am forgiven. That's my thinking anyway.