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Saturday, May 27, 2017


 I went and placed the flags at the headstones of " my " veterans yesterday. I'm hoping it was just that I was a little early because I sure didn't see many others. As I mentioned in another of these blogs I do place a flag on the grave of Lt. Col Comegy, a civil war veteran and prominent Greensboro, resident. Yes, he is still here, he hasn't gone anywhere. I am in no way related to this gentleman. I respect his service and no one seems to be around to honor his memory. I can't speak for the whereabouts of his descendants. So, it seems only fitting that I should do so. My own 2nd great grandfather served in the 127th New York Infantry in that same war and lies somewhere on Long Island. I have yet to locate his grave. It is my hope that someone visits him and places a flag for him.
 It was after doing what I consider a solemn duty to remember these veterans that I began to think about all of that. How many veterans lie in their graves unvisited and unrecognized ? There has been an effort made to locate them all here in Greensboro and flags placed. I participated in that endeavor last Veterans day and plan to do so again this year. I do believe it is a good cause and one that should continue. But yesterday I was thinking about all those that lie in the cemetery that go unvisited. I'm not thinking solely of veterans but of everyone. I did take some photos a while back of some forgotten stones. These headstones  were inscribed with endearing words or expressed the sorrow felt at the loss. Small stones almost hidden in underbrush that says only, baby, followed by a surname. I was thinking what of them ? There are no holidays to remember the forgotten ones. But I also thought it is a harsh judgement to label them forgotten. Who can know the circumstance ? Is there anyone left to remember ? I do visit Find a Grave, a website devoted to this sort of thing. You can leave virtual flowers or a message there. Perhaps these graves are listed there and visited. Still, the grave goes unvisited, untended, and lonely. That is my sentiment anyhow.
 I was thinking about this and trying to devise a holiday or occasion to remedy this. My first thought was a campaign I would call, Flowers for the Forgotten. You could donate a set amount to the local florist who would then provide one flower for each designated gravesite. The biggest problem is in determining which gravesites ? How could that be determined ? I did decide that August would be a good month for that as it has no other holiday in it. So then I thought Flowers for the Forgotten was a bit of a judgmental title. All deaths matter ? Ah, no that wouldn't work well. And so that is where I am at. I like the idea of it though. Surely there has to be a way to get this rolling.
 I'm thinking of a single flower. Perhaps  " Lily of the valley " is a good choice but it would require a small bunch, not a single stem. I'm not much of a flower expert so maybe there is a better choice. The " Lily of the Valley " springs to mind for the obvious reason. What to call this occasion ? I'm open for suggestions. Of course the first thing is to get other folks interested in this at all. That is the way it is with anything, you have to generate that interest. Flowers for the Forgotten is a catchy phrase and draws a degree of sympathy. It is just that it doesn't seem fair to the descendants of that individual unless there is a provision made to dispute that. What I mean is to get that name off the list of the forgotten. Maybe I should compile a list of those names first, post them at the florist shop with the title, Do you remember ? If you don't you can then donate to Flowers for the Forgotten by choosing a name. A sort of sponsorship. What do you think ?