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Friday, May 12, 2017

Solicitng a response

 I didn't post a blog yesterday as I a bit under the weather. I believe it was some sort of virus or bug that just struck me like a truck. Well ginger ale, crackers and some aspirin got me fixed up. I'm feeling a little weak about now but I'll recover. It was heartwarming to look at my Facebook page and see that I was missed. It is a wonderful feeling to know that others are thinking about you. There was some other correspondence on my timeline that I responded to as well. You would think I would have learned by now to just not make comments on some peoples posts. Funny thing is it is almost a compulsion. I just can't help it at times when I see something that goes against the grain. I do realize that grain is my grain , but still. I have determined to try to curb that urge even further although it goes against my grain ! Truly I find it difficult to dismiss others as insignificant and not worthy of acknowledgement. What I don't understand is when they receive that acknowledgement is they get upset. Well, unless of course the person commenting parrots exactly what they say, then you are brilliant. Any answers or proposals to the contrary gets you labeled ignorant.  We should all be inclusive as long as we only include those that agree with us. I find the whole thing amusing. Perhaps those others are taking the whole thing too seriously and that is why the verbal attacks. Sorry I'm a yes or no kinda guy. Solicit my opinion and you will get my opinion. And is not posting something on Facebook a solicitation ? It certainly appears that way to me. I know I enjoy getting the little likes on my photos and comments. I especially enjoy when someone takes the time to respond . I could be mistaken but isn't that the primary function of this social media site ? And yet many get upset when the solicited response isn't what they expected. I find it especially fascinating when these folks will be so aggressive and impolite while on the computer but wouldn't say that stuff to your face. I have even been informed that I hold " old fashioned " ideas. I'm not certain what " old fashioned " ideas this particular person thinks I have though. Telling the truth whether it fits the current narrative or not perhaps ? Oh well, I don't mind being labeled old fashioned. I'll take it as a compliment.
 I started a little group on Facebook called B'low the bridge. Yes it stands for below the bridge, same concept as the other side of the tracks. It is the division between the haves and the have not's. Those that live their lives with a bit more privilege and wealth having a different view from the working class. A great deal of this is a matter of perception. To those of us b'low the bridge we view it more as a deception. Those folks are only fooling themselves. So I started my little group to avoid conflict with those holding opposing views. I had been in another group where that proved to be a problem with some, mostly with those that already felt superior in some fashion. Hey, a healthy ego and high self esteem is a good thing so I won't knock them for it. I only hope they never have to find out how far you fall when you do put yourself on a pedestal. Fortunes rise and fall. It can be a bittersweet lesson to learn. The point of b'low the bridge is to more like real life. If you are attacked it's on you, no administrator is going to block someone, no safe spaces here. It is my hope that we all treat each other with good old fashioned  manners. In polite company, as us old folks would say, you do temper your statements just a bit. It is fine to say what you think without having to defend that statement for the next week. Just move on.
 Well, I'm up and moving around and am grateful for that. I did miss my social media. It isn't often I fail to post something. I guess that is simply because I almost always have something to say. In thinking about it I have come to understand one thing. The real difference between the ones above the bridge and the ones below is this; the ones above are always concerned with what they could gain, whereas the ones below are always concerned with keeping what they have. The first makes it impossible for the second. They fail to understand that once all has been gained there is nothing left. And that has been proven true time and again. That's just the way it works.