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Monday, May 29, 2017

moral essence

 Back in the day we were sure America was the greatest nation on earth. Now I see an America with shaken confidence, filled with indecision and doubt. In our quest for freedom we have imprisoned our spirit and our drive. No longer do we strive to be free, no longer do we dream. No, now we cower in the corner and hide. Hide from the realities of life. Seeking out safe spaces, proclaiming our friendship to all. Proclaiming anything, to avoid a confrontation. And that is spreading throughout our society like a cancer, eating away at the America I love so dearly. Our children are being infected with it in our schools and universities. They are being taught to be dependent, not independent. I see this and it troubles me deeply. How can America survive ? If there is no one that is willing to believe the dream , it can not. What I see now are those demanding the dream become their reality. That is not the purpose of a dream my friends. Yes, dreams do come true, an exception not a rule. Dreams are what sustain the spirit of man, not the material gains he makes in his lifetime. Dreams do not consist of what you have, but what may be possible. That is the dream, that is America !
 The dream is that by hard work and a spirit that is true I will prevail. Isn't that the image of the American cowboy ? Isn't that image the identity of the dream ? The cowboy, a Hollywood invention for sure, but a close reflection of what the American dream is all about. What does the cowboy represent ? Independence is his greatest asset. A cowboy answers only to himself and his God. The cowboy is sure of himself and his abilities. The whole " code of the west " thing is what appeals to the spirit in all of us. It is a whole " moral " thing in its' essence. There is right and wrong. And it is that essence that is being destroyed today. Today the only thing wrong, is being right ! To state the truth, clearly and plainly will get you labeled. You will either be called an " activist " or a " bigot. " And that label really depends upon what is popular at the moment, subject to change at any time. Change has become the justification for erasing the " moral essence " of America. Change is always a good thing right ? That is what is being taught. Tried and true is no longer sufficient, we can do better. Well, call me old fashioned but I liked it much better when we were sure. I'm still sure ! I'm sure the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth. The problem we are facing today is far too many think greatness is the same as popularity. Well that just ain't so. Appeasing everyone and anyone does not make you great, what it makes you is a sucker. I may be old but I still remember that lesson from the schoolyard. I remember learning that the only way to gain respect was to stand up for it, you can't get that by groveling. What that will get you is the loss of your lunch money and left hungry ! Believe me when I tell you, you will not walk away feeling superior ! You will not end up living the dream, quite the contrary. It'll be a nightmare.
 On this day, a day set aside to remember those whose lives were taken in exchange for the freedom we enjoy. I am grateful. Each and every one of the fallen defended that " moral essence " we call America. I salute them all. I am proud to say I once was among their ranks. I am grateful once again for I came home, unscathed. I too dream. I dream of the return of the America I knew as a child. An America that is sure of her position in the world. An America that is proud. An America that is unapologetic for her greatness. An America that is ONE NATION UNDER GOD ! An America restored to her " moral essence. "