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Sunday, May 14, 2017

taking the risk

 I have received comments that there are things I shouldn't write about but rather reserve for face to face conversations. No, that's not exactly right, it has been suggested that some subjects would be better dealt with in that fashion and I can't disagree. I understand the thought and appreciate the feedback. In an ideal world I would love to do just that. I do enjoy a good discussion of ideas and a sharing of beliefs. Unfortunately I am currently restricted to this medium and so I will continue to post my random thoughts and memories as they come to me. That isn't made as a statement of defiance but one of acceptance. This is what I have. I do believe it is an amazing thing, this blogging and the internet. I believe I said that in my very first blog posting and it remains true. A little old boy from Three Mile Harbor posting his thoughts to the world ! Now just how cool is that ? If that isn't equal opportunity I don't know what is ! I haven't gone viral or become rich and famous but that isn't the internets fault. Equal opportunity doesn't mean equal results ! I am thankful for the opportunity to be heard. I haven't made any effort to go any further with any of this although I understand there are other avenues you can take. I guess You Tube is the place to really get some attention and I suspect the reason is a simple one, You Tube is mostly videos of folks doing whatever, some real brilliant and some stupid. Usually nothing to read or think about, just instant gratification or at the very least an elicitation of a response. Reading the written word is becoming too much of an effort for some. In some ways I feel that may make the mind become a little lazy, reading does involve thought. I mean you can learn just as much by listening as you can by reading, but reading requires more effort, if you get my meaning ?
 I find writing this blog satisfying and perhaps it is just wishful thinking but I do hope others enjoy reading them. I have some " followers " as they call it on this website that are very kind to me. I receive feedback and encouragement. I won't deny it is a wonderful feeling to feel appreciated. I admit that without it I'm not certain how long I would have continued posting. The more of that I do receive, that encouragement, the more I want to open up and share. But, I also find that I have to fight the urge to not post or write about certain topics because I want to please my " followers. " In short, I don't want to start writing for the audience. An issue of sustainability. Just how long will my " followers " like me ? I think that is an emotion we can all relate to. If I reveal too much, opinions might change. " to thy own self be true " wrote Shakespeare and I understand exactly what he meant. The line following that aren't as well known, I had to look it up and it says something to the effect of, if you are true to yourself you can't deceive other men. That isn't the exact quote but what I feel it means so all you Shakespearian scholars out there take it easy on me. But that is the sentiment I occasionally struggle with. An old song comes immediately to mind, All of me. One portion of the lyrics says, " You took the best, why not take the rest, why not take all of me "
 Now it is not exactly the same sentiment as the song but I get the part about " all of me. " The question is always, just how much of me do you like ? Do you like enough to stay ? Hey couples get divorced because he won't put the toilet seat down ! Well I'll just keep writing and posting about whatever comes to mind. I hope it isn't uncomfortable for you and I hope everyone continues to read. I also hope no one feels obligated to agree with whatever I say. As I like to say, and us old fashioned people will understand, I try to keep my " conversations " in polite company. There sure are a number of you folks I would enjoy spending an afternoon with, I think we would both be surprised. It would be my hope that you would not be too surprised though.