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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The truth is a tool

 Every once in a while when I am writing a line or phrase will come out that I enjoy. I usually write them down elsewhere and call them my quotes. I think everyone should have their own quotes, don't you ? Really those quotes are just a completed thought. As much as I like to talk and ramble on, anyone that knows me will tell you that, I do enjoy brevity in thought. I like to get to the point, of course I have a lot of points to get to, soo. But I'm getting off the subject. I was talking about quotes. I had that experience in writing yesterdays blog. Actually it happened twice and that was unusual. The first one went like this, " The past should never be used to subjugate the future. " When I wrote that line in my book of quotes I did change the last word to " present. " So, it now reads, " The past should never be used to subjugate the present. " I rather like that thought, that expression. What I am trying to convey with that line is that I am not responsible, nor are you, for whatever transpired in the past. Therefore the past should never be used to control or demand anything of anyone in the present day, or the future for that matter. I see an awful lot of that thinking going on today. This is what happened to my " people ", whichever grouping of people you wish to assign is fine,  so now you owe me ! I do not believe, nor subscribe to any such notion. Certainly we should carry the lessons of the past forward but those lessons do not include responsibility for a past I didn't share in.
 Following that I wrote this observation, " the distance from informed to inflamed can be a short one. " That was my thought as I wrote about the movie Detroit that will soon be released. I am concerned about just what will be released ! Yes this movie deals with a period of time in America that wasn't very pleasant. Yes it is a historical fact that this happened. It remains to be seen how historically accurate the film actually is, but that is another discussion. As I pointed out in that posting yesterday the truth needs to be told, history shouldn't be hidden. That is the informed part and I agree with that 100%. What concerns me is the inflamed part. This film, this retelling of events that transpired in the city of Detroit in 1967, a riot, has the potential to cause a great deal of civil unrest given todays environment. Yes, the distance from informed to inflamed can indeed be a short one. I do believe this filmmaker, and truly all filmmakers, editors and such have a civil responsibility. This film is going to throw fuel onto a fire that is already burning. I just pray that it doesn't go from inflamed to " engulfed. "
 Well that is what I was thinking about when I wrote those two lines of prose. I do enjoy a good quote. The thing about quotes are they can mean so many different things to people. As with any language it must be taken in the context in which it was spoken or written to be fully understood. I enjoy quotes because they do make me think, just what is the author trying to say ? I often find several layers in them. Quotes, most of them from famous people, are generally used as an axiom. If a famous person said this, it must be true. That is why we see them posted on our Facebook timelines. They are an offering of truth. Often meant to inform or instruct us in the proper behavior or response to a situation, they can be helpful. They are offered as a tool. They can also be used as a weapon ! That thought was also included in yesterdays posting. " the truth is a tool, not a weapon. " When the truth is presented out of context it becomes dangerous. Isn't that what we call a truth bomb ! It is always your truth however, not necessarily the one on whom you dropped it. It can be countered with another " truth. " That is why I say, truth is a tool. It should be used to gain an understanding. In the Bible it is recorded that Jesus said, " the truth will set you free. " You do have to read the chapter and verse to understand what " freedom " Jesus is talking about. But that is my point here anyway. The truth is a tool.