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Saturday, July 15, 2017

a " daycation "

 Today the plan is to take a " daycation. " Hey, I can make up words. A " daycation " is a vacation for one day but you probably surmised that much. Anyway my wife and I along with one of my sons families are going to Cape May, New Jersey. This will be the first time , in a while , that we have all gone somewhere together and I am looking forward to it. In years past we took vacations to Disney, Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon, oh yes, quite the vacationers. But that hasn't happened in a few years. Time and circumstance can change even the best laid plans and intentions. No matter though, today is a " daycation. "
 The itinerary is to drive to Lewes Delaware where we will all board the ferry. This ferry does carry cars and trucks but we will just be foot passengers. There is plenty to do on the others side in Cape May, New Jersey within walking distance. The ride over takes about 85 minutes, crossing the Delaware bay. I am looking forward to strolling on the deck and just taking in the salt air. It will be a refreshing, even rejuvenating thing for me. My wife and grandson aren't so sure about the ferry however. They'll be fine ! That is what I keep telling them. I'm certain there will plenty of distractions to take their minds off of the ride. I haven't traveled on this ferry before but am fairly certain if there is money to be made, someone will be making it. What I mean is, I'm certain there will be concessions of some kind.
 We plan on spending the day just walking around, enjoying the sites and scenery. I'm told mini-golf is a possibility. I do enjoy a contest with the " kids. " And I mean all the  " kids " mine and theirs ! LOL, yesterday as I was watching the Waltons on television it dawned on me, I'm the patriarch of this family. That should afford me certain privileges. Isn't that the way it works ? I'm thinking two mulligans sound about right. It sounds like a day of food and shopping. I'm all for food and the shopping, well, the girls enjoy that. The main purpose for this " daycation " is for us all to be together. It is also to celebrate my wife and I's birthdays. It is what we both wanted, what we always want really. Spending time with your family is the " present. " You should enjoy the " present " every day ! Well, we do have to go to work to pay the bills. There are so many distractions in life. Sometimes the days and weeks go by so fast you don't even realize it. Grandkids grow up overnight it seems. As I said we haven't been on a vacation with them in a few years. This " daycation " will be a first with them as young adults. Wow, that is the first time I've really been aware of that situation. They are young adults now, both of them in high school. And if the grandkids are young adults what does that say about my own kids ? Man, I'm a patriarch ! Not so sure I like that label.
 Yes, I have big plans and high hopes for today. I'm just certain it is going to be a wonderful day. The open water, even if it is just the bay, and good food. Time spent with the ones we love is always well invested. The return comes later on and is somewhat of a gamble as well. You never know when a memory will be made, you can't plan on that. I have been on vacation for as long as a week but the memory of it is in moments. You know what I mean ? You spend a week or a day and what do you remember of it ? Might be a hour, might be less. At least for me that is way it has always been. The most precious of our memories are created in a moment. I'm thinking the same will be true for this " daycation. " I'll be taking the camera and a good attitude. That is all that is required. Oh, and the rest of the family.