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Thursday, July 13, 2017

everyone is doing it

 I seldom know what I want to write about when I get up in the morning. I just turn on the computer, check my e-mail, say Good Morning followed by birthday greetings as appropriate. It is a routine I have fallen into. Having done that I open up my blogger page and begin. There are mornings when I jump right in and others where I'm looking at a blank screen for a while.
 I do look back over blogs I have written in the past, there are a lot of them. According to blogger I have published 2456 of them. That's one every day for 6.7 years. I have started to repeat myself. I mean just how many opinions can one person can have ! Well, if you ask my wife she would tell you I always have one. I guess you could say they are unlimited. I naturally want others to read these pieces or I wouldn't bother publish them. It is the not the sole reason for writing them, but a small part nonetheless. So in writing them I do try to write stories or opinions that I feel may be of interest to others. There are subjects I rarely, if ever, write about. These are the things I put into the " Jerry Springer " category. I say that because it is my feeling that shows like Jerry Springer and Maury are successful because they tap into, what should be personal and private business. Oh, I know some people love all that stuff but I'm not one of them. I am ever mindful that my blog postings don't turn into that ! In the old days we called that airing our dirty laundry ! I must say it does seem like a popular pastime these days. I call it " social restraint " and society in general is sorely lacking in that regard. Now everything is out there !
 I do think it is a bad thing generally speaking. I've always called it stirring the pot. If you constantly talk about all that stuff you do keep your emotions stirred up. As I am fond of pointing out emotions are great motivators but seldom good decision makers. Get things all stirred up and bad things happen. Yes, I'm saying it is better to just stew on things for  while. I realize that isn't what is being taught these days. Now it is, get it all out there, make yourself heard, it is all about you ! But I don't agree with that at all. I say learn to be patient. You know they say a watched pot will never boil, I say watch yourself. Exercise restraint. If you don't watch what you are doing and saying, bad things will happen ! Yes, it is called restraint. Do not put your dirty laundry out there for everyone to see.
 The reason you shouldn't air your dirty laundry is a simple one. I believe by airing it out in that fashion it begins to acquire a bit of acceptance. What I'm saying is folks get used to seeing it ! If you see something all the time you do begin to accept it. You will begin to take on the attitude of, everyone is doing it. Justification for doing what you know instinctively to be wrong. It is the popular excuse we always tried to use as children. What did Mom tell you then ? If little Johnny jumped off the roof would you do that too ? It just seems to me that many have failed to learn that lesson, if they were ever even taught it in the first place ! In fact, now the trend is to provide " therapy " to these people. These people that lie, cheat , steal, father children and abandon them, become drug addicts and alcoholics, and all matter of things are being called survivors ! We listen to all their tales, they air out an entire closet of dirty laundry and the result is what ? They illicit sympathy from the " good " people. Well, mostly the " good " people that can make a few bucks off these folks. You know, like talk shows and addition centers. The rest of the folks just like to hear all the dirt and laugh. Truth is, it is usually a nervous laugh.
 Look we all have some dirty laundry I am well aware of that. The thing is I was taught to keep that stuff to yourself. Learn from your mistakes and try to do what is right. I was taught to take no pleasure in the misfortunes of others, I am disturbed that is has become a form of entertainment ! There was a time when you didn't want others to know your shortcomings, your failures. That was especially true when it came to moral and ethical behaviors. Yes, we might be poor people but we know how to act right ! Wasn't that the lesson ? You don't have to be rich to be clean. You don't have to be rich to live a clean life either. What you do have to do is exercise restraint in your choices. Just because everyone else is doing it that doesn't make it right.