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Sunday, July 2, 2017

financing a dream

 For me, truth arrives on a whisper. What I mean by that is that yelling and screaming has never changed my mind about anything. When I was very small I would just cower in fear. As I grew older, and bolder, I would just became angered. Neither one of those situations is very conducive to reasonable thought. That is not to say that those same situations didn't inspire me to thought, just that they weren't the real cause of change. It is more like putting out a fire. At the time the only thing you are thinking about is not getting burned, later on you'll figure out what caused it. Some folks just feed on the excitement of the moment and never learn, or care about the cause. I've just always been a curious sort.
 It would seem to me a whole lot of yelling and screaming is going on right now. I have distanced myself somewhat from the current political situation. I was embroiled in it along with a lot of other folks. The result was a lot of yelling, screaming and hurt feelings. I haven't seen many answers being offered. I do hear a lot about what is wrong but little about what is right. Everyone is an activist these days ! I am somewhat amused by those that shout to the rooftops about the obvious. They keep forming these little catch phrases and slogans that say basically the same thing. They say the same message that has been spoken since man walked the earth, as though it was something new. Some even deny reality, completely ignoring fact. These are the ones seeking shelter. To me it is sad state of affairs.
 Emotions are great motivators but seldom good decision makers. That has been my experience so far in life. When I have allowed my emotions ( feelings ) to make major decisions it hasn't turned out so well. I am not one to air dirty laundry so I won't provide any examples, you'll just have to take my word for it. When the Republicans were working on new health care legislation, " in secret " people were up in arms. To me that is the only reasonable course of action to take. Work on your proposal in relative peace and quiet. After having considered all your options present that proposal for discussion. Ever been in a large group and tried to make a simple decision like what or where to eat ? Well then you know what I mean. In the end someone always has to say, " we'll eat pizza " and the decision is made. Yes there will be a few dissenters mumbling in the background. After all the heated emotions and arguments frustrate the group enough a choice is made. That isn't the way we should govern the nation though ! You can't govern on emotion, on feelings. You do have to stick to the facts even when those facts are unsettling.
 I do think it is time, past time really, to settle down. The election is long over and the results are final. It is what it is. We can not allow the country to be torn apart by emotion. Oh I hear the battle cries of injustice and oppression. Those not getting their way always feel that way. The youngest child gets the hand me downs right ? The older kids call them spoiled. The truth is, in a family as in government, benefits rely on economics. What can Mom and Dad afford ? What can the government afford ? That is where the truth is exposed. After all the yelling and screaming, after all the pleading and begging, after all the good intentions have been vocalized, the bottom line emerges. Can we afford it ? When the answer is yes we are jubilant ! When the answer is no a quiet acceptance  should be the result. Doesn't mean you can't have whatever it is sometime in the future just that you can't have it now. That's a lesson many have failed to learn. That is the result of financing a dream.
 So many people in this country have been lead to believe that if you can't afford something just finance it. It doesn't matter how much you actually earn or have in real assets. What is important is your credit rating. As long as you can finance it, you can have it. The problem is eventually the bill becomes due. Then the emotional response is one of disbelief. I can't afford to pay all this back ! I should get to keep it all however just not pay for it. I sure was happy going to that Ivy league college, what a boast to my ego. Now I'm not so happy, I have to actually pay for that pleasure. Funny how that works isn't it ? Buyers remorse is the name for that and that is what American is experiencing right now. Buyers remorse !  We want it, but can't finance it ! Now just who is going to pay.