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Monday, July 10, 2017

opinionated defense

 My grandson Mark, who rarely reads my blogs, says to me, you should try to be more convincing in your writing. You see, he has decided that he want to become a prosecutor, a lawyer. He has been taking advanced placement courses in government. He just recently got the results of the state administered test for that course. He did score in the top ten per cent. As part of that course they did argue cases before a mock court. I'm sure that is where that thought came from. But I told him, I don't write my blog to convince anyone of anything. I was informed that is what a blog is for, to convince people you are right ! When I further said to him, it isn't important whether others think I'm right or not I was met with a gaze of incredibility. Really, he just laughed and give me that, yeah right, look. You know the one.
 I do write only what I feel. They are my thoughts about whatever and I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. Will I defend what I write ? Of course I will, otherwise it wouldn't be worth writing. Yes I believe what I write, at least the moment I write it I do. Me typing in this computer or printing it out doesn't make it law. I can change my mind and my opinion at any time. I've been known to do that on occasion, I'll admit that it doesn't happen often. I'll further admit that doesn't make me right, just convinced in my own mind. That is why I write these blogs and stories, I am convinced and maybe you will be as well. The thing is, the later is just a bonus. If you agree it is reassuring. Truth be told, I don't feel like I have a case to win. Just what am I defending against ?
 Well now that is the crux of the matter isn't it ? In our legal system the prosecution bears the burden of proof. It is the prosecution that must provide evidence to dispute a fact. If someone questions my statements are they then not the prosecution ? They certainly are from my point of view. Now the majority of the things I write about are a matter of opinion. Opinion is not fact ! Therefore an opinion can not proven nor disproven. Interesting isn't it that the Supreme court of the United States issues their opinion on cases. In their opinion something is either legally protected under the constitution and the bill of rights, or it isn't. It is for that very reason lawyers argue their cases. They are trying to convince the judge or judges of their opinion. That they are right. They get paid a good deal of money for doing that. With me, I'm not getting paid a dime so why argue ? Only to make my point is the answer.
 The case could be made, no pun intended, that I am defending against the Supreme judge. It is to that one judge I must answer. I am battling against conscience. What forms our conscience ? I would say our conscience is formed by the beliefs we adopt. These beliefs may or may not contain a religious component. I do think the non-believer can act just as consciously as the believer. Doing the right thing does not require a belief in God. In my opinion doing what is right is the only requirement for salvation. If God can forgive us all for a multitude of sins surely he could forgive one indiscretion, doubting his existence. If you lead a just and moral life I believe when you stand before God in judgement he just might say, with a wink and a smile, I told you so. The important part is doing what is right, not just saying I know what is right. It is not forcing others to believe what you believe. Defend what you believe but don't use it as a weapon. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution. You are entitled to your opinion.