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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A luxury vacation

 I still enjoy watching the price is right. The price of things certainly have gone up that much is certain. Most of the prizes I really don't have a clue how much something like that would cost. Hot tubs, exercise equipment, kitchen appliances and 70 inch high definition televisions aren't something I know much about. Jewelry and designer handbags are really out of my wheel house. I do know Michael Korrs and Gucci ain't cheap. And then there are the vacation packages. Seems like you get a free breakfast with most of them. There is usually some sort of day trip with those packages.
 I was watching yesterday when a vacation package was offered. It was a seven day, six night stay in the " fabulous Hamptons. " The announcer was saying you will be staying at the Southampton Inn surrounded by fine dining and shopping. I couldn't help but laugh. For those of you that might not know, I was born and raised in the Fabulous Hamptons. Well, at least fabulous East Hampton. It was before they were fabulous though. They weren't even the Hamptons then, each town still went by its own name. Saying the Hamptons is like saying the Rocky Mountains, the area is rather large. Truth be told when I lived there it was more like Appalachia for the working folks, there wasn't too much that was " fab " about it. Yes, we had the tourists back then, the wealthy folks on vacation from the city. Thing was they went away after Labor day, the vacation was over. Now apparently the " Hamptons " are a prize to be won on a game show ! Isn't that amazing ?
 I haven't lived in the fabulous Hamptons in many years. I wonder what it is like living in a prize package ? I guess it must be like living in any other tourist attraction. You have the guests and those that just work there. Mustn't do anything to upset the guests. The guests are always right. We need the money from those guests. Oh, I saw some of that back in my time there. It must be a lot worse now though. The beaches are some of the most beautiful on the east coast I'd be the first to tell you that. There are some beautiful area in the " Hamptons " nature wise. That is the part I remember and love so much. I just can't see it as a vacation destination. Beyond eating at fancy restaurants, tasting wines and shopping I can't imagine just what you would be doing. The beaches were crowded even when I was a kid, unless you went to the bay. Oh I get it, it is a playground for the wealthy and the wanna be wealthy's. The " Hamptons " are the hot spot. The thing is this, if I am a contestant on a game show I'm probably not a wealthy person. Call that judgmental if you will but that would be my guess. I could use a new television, refrigerator or even a car. But, would I want to go to the rich kids playground ? I don't think so. Shoot after that free breakfast I probably wouldn't be able to eat the rest of the day. I'm thinking I would stick out like a sore thumb !
 I guess what I'm trying to understand is how my hometown became a prize on a gameshow. Is it so out of reach to the common man that it is offered as a luxury ? That's the reality of it. It makes me feel a little sad. I guess I'm should feel a sense of pride. I come from the " Hamptons. " No, I come from East Hampton, down to three mile harbor. Was a day when I worked there. I was just one of the " cast of characters. " Now I can't afford admission to the park. Maybe I could win it on the Price is Right. That vacation package ?  Valued at over six thousand dollars ! Well, I think the price is a bit inflated but then it is a luxury vacation.