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Just Me
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Sunday, March 26, 2017


 There doesn't seem like there is much spontaneity in life anymore. What I'm thinking about is folks just stopping by for a visit. When I was little folks would stop by on the weekend, unannounced and unexpected for a visit. Maybe that was simply because our communications were so primitive. I mean, we had a telephone but it was on a cord in the kitchen. There was no answering machine, call forwarding or anything ! If you missed a call you didn't know it until the person trying to call told you so. Strange how nobody was worried about either. Well, they were simpler times for sure. I do miss the visiting part. It was like a surprise party every time. Sometimes you weren't ready for the party but there it was. I can remember hiding because " we weren't home " when certain folks showed up. That was especially true when the insurance man showed up for his monthly payment and funds weren't readily available.
 I do miss the people just showing up and enjoying their company. There wasn't any fuss made, just have a seat and we'll see what we got. It wasn't planned in any way. If you were busy doing something they might just join right in. It was like they were family, even when they weren't. Informal is the word I guess. Relaxed without any show of pretense whatsoever. Hey, these were people that knew you so it was a little too late for that. Now, when you got dressed up and went to church and such that was a different situation. Thing was it worked both ways, those folks weren't expecting a thing either. Just stopping by to say hello, out for a drive. Folks don't go out for a drive anymore is my thinking. I wonder why that is. Growing up there was hardly a day gone by you didn't have to go make sure the ocean was still there or check the conditions on the bay. I guess we just didn't have that many distractions back then.
 It just seems to me everything is planned out nowadays. When they are coming, who is coming and all that. Preparations have to be made. What food/drink does these folks like ? What will we do when they get here ? We feel obligated to entertain. Looking at old photographs and telling stories is rather blas√© these days. Shoot even our " home movies " can be shared electronically so no excuse for subjecting others to the viewing ! All of this has contributed to the lack of social skills we see so much of today. People need to be prepared today but not back in the day. No, back in the day you had to adapt to the situation on the fly ! Fact is now we think of those visits, sitting on the porch swing, as a nostalgic thing. Something of the past. Country folks and all that. We were Social before there was social media.
 It is strange how we have made such advances in communication and traveling and yet we are more isolated today than ever before. We sit in our homes, undisturbed except for what we choose to entertain ourselves with. People just don't show up unexpected anymore. Shame too because it was almost always a pleasant surprise, a little gift. Expectations were few but rewards were many. I do miss that, but I fear it is gone forever, a victim of time. Yes there was a day when the sound of a car in the drive would get your attention. Ah, the good old days. Company was a special thing and planned for. Your friends, just dropped by anytime.