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Monday, March 6, 2017

there is a reason

 There are times when my memories are like a ball of string all wound up. I'll find an end and start to pull on it. Sometimes those memories just come right out and at others they get all tangled up. I don't mean tangled in a way I can't understand them, I mean tangled in a way that a portion of a different memory comes out instead. Then I have to unthread one from the other, doubling back on the first. It is a distraction and often gets me off track. Old photographs will do that also. I'm thinking about one thing and then see a picture that starts me thinking about something else. It isn't what I would call being scatterbrained, that's something different, but distracted. My mind will return to the original thought, I haven't forgotten that.
 There are other times when I can't seem to find a loose end anywhere. That is when I just sit and stare into space. I don't know what I'm expecting to see but I'm looking. My thoughts are all tied up in knots. The worst is when I begin to bore myself. I keep thinking about the same old stuff. That seems to be happening more these days. Perhaps I have reached my intellectual end. I do believe we all have one you know. There is only so much man can understand. Oh, we like to fool ourselves into believing otherwise, present long dissertations on it in fact, but we really don't know all that much. We can know the how but what I'm thinking about is the why. That is where many are fooled. Man knows how the universe began. Okay, but why ? That's my point, the why of it all.
 That is the real question man has struggled with since the very beginning. We have always figured if we know how, we will know why. I don't believe that at all. I can know how to do any number of things, doesn't mean I know why. The obvious is to make money, please a friend,  or just to please myself. Are they reasons ? Yes of course they are, but why am I here to do these things ? The Bible instructs us , "  do unto others as you would have others do unto you. " The why of that is self explanatory. Okay, so we should treat each other is the same fashion we wish to be treated I get that part. The question is, what is the reward ? Isn't that what man always wants to know ? What's in it for me ? Well, I wonder if there has to be anything in it for me ? I may want that but am I guaranteed that ? If you are of a religious bent the answer has to be , yes. If the answer is no, what is the whole point of having a religion in the first place ? By practicing the rule of doing unto others am I not really pleasing myself ? Was I put here on this earth to be happy ? Why would that be ? There are certainly enough things here to make me unhappy. At times it is a struggle !
 I do believe we all have to be a part of something much larger. Science tells us we are made up of tiny particles. Molecules and such like. Tiny electrons circling a nucleus. The solar system looks much the same, just larger. What if the whole solar system is just a small particle ? It is all energy. That is what we are taught. Energy can not be created or destroyed only transformed from one state to another. Are we energy in a conscious state ? Do we receive attention when we become known to the host ? That is to say, do we get scratched when we cause the host to itch ? Again I would have to ask, why ? What is the point, is there a point ?
 I'm thinking the point may be a simple one. We don't need to know the point. We can try to figure out how all we want but we don't need to know why. The why of it all is not our concern. We can not do anything to affect the why, only the how. For those of us that believe in the Bible and the words written there, it tells us how. It even assures us of a reward. The reward is eternal life. The only thing I know that is eternal is energy. Of course, my knowledge is limited. Maybe black holes are a place where unwanted energy goes ! Scientists say nothing can escape from them. Perhaps this something larger controls all that. Perhaps the reward is not being sent into a black hole. But why ? The light and the darkness. The how and the why. The Chinese call it Ying and Yan. It is their explanation of why. The Christian explanation is because you are loved. Is this " something bigger " conscious of us and our existence ? I think yes. If I didn't I'd have to believe everything is random and that just doesn't make any sense at all. The universe, what I know of it anyway, appears to be well ordered. Man is figuring out the how of it. Will we ever know why ? I doubt that, but I believe there is a reason. You know, when I was a child I would ask my mother why. She always had a ready answer too. Sometimes that answer was, because I said so that's why ! I believe this may be the same situation. My advice is to listen !