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Friday, March 3, 2017

I'm certain

 The hardest person to convince of anything, is yourself. That is a lesson I have learned over time and it has proven itself time and again. Many times I start out thinking I can or that something is a good idea but remaining convinced of that is the difficult part. I leave things undone or just pain lose interest in the idea altogether. It is times like that when I admire the perseverance of others. I admire how some folks just keep on muddling through whatever it is to completion. Looking at some of the results I can only draw one conclusion, they must be convinced of its' worth. If they weren't it wouldn't get finished. That is the way it is with me anyway. If I'm not convinced, I'm outta there. Is it a fear of rejection ? I don't think so, I think it is good judgment. If it isn't very good, well, it isn't very good.
 I find that to be true with everything , not just making things. It is true in our beliefs as well. I have to be convinced of the truth. I will not accept anything as fact without first being convinced in some fashion. Show me the reference. Strangely I do have a habit of taking people at face value. You have to do something to prove me wrong for that to change. Sadly all too often that happens quickly enough. Sadder still is when it take a longer period of time. Some folks have a thicker veneer than others. It is only when the base material is exposed that we can see what they are truly made of. It can be surprising and a disappointment. I have discovered that those spending their time trying to convince you of something are usually the ones trying to hide something.  I believe that is simply because they are not themselves convinced.
 Now being convinced is not being inflexible. Many folks confuse those two actions. It is alright to change your mind about something when new evidence is discovered or presented. I can be convinced of my errors. I know for a fact I've made a few, maybe even more than a few. I was convinced briefly that I was correct, or I convinced myself of that at the very least. And that is where the rub comes in doesn't it ? Once you are convinced of something, is the agreement of others a necessity ? I mean, can you alone be correct ? I believe in certain situations you can, as those situations pertain to you that is. When the situation involves others , others must be considered. What I am convinced is right for me may not be right for others. So, what then do I do ? I should do as I am convinced, not as I am persuaded. I'm guilty of not always doing that and that is usually when I have regrets. The proof lies in remaining convinced, remaining absolutely certain that was the correct response.
 The strength of our convictions are built over time. Like a laminate,  the whole becomes stronger than the components. It is the quality of those components that ultimately determine strength and flexibility. One can put a bright and shiny finish on the surface but it is what is within that counts. A constant questioning of those components is the uncertainty of life. How can one remain completely convinced ? It is a question I struggle with daily. I was told by a friend that there is no black and white, just shades of gray. It is a fanciful notion and at least fifty of those shades make for a best selling book but I don't believe that. I do believe in the end these is black or white, right or wrong. The gray we perceive is what is being questioned, the area we are uncertain of. When we become convinced, it is black and white. We do have to decide. But, as I said, the hardest person to convince is yourself. Of that, I'm certain.