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Friday, March 17, 2017

in the meantime

 It is a question I ask myself almost daily, to what end ? We are all here on this earth together, the living , the dying and the dead, and to what purpose ? Now that isn't meant to sound melancholy but I suppose it is. That isn't the way I am feeling as I write these thoughts though, I'm just questioning. I like to know the answers. If I ever find them I'll be sure to share. I do believe we are all here for a reason, none of us are accidents. Miracles don't happen by accident. I think you would have to agree that the creation of life is a miraculous thing. I'm not going to launch into a discussion about abortion and how wrong that choice is but rather I am thinking about our purpose. I don't mean individual purpose however, I mean what is mans' role in all of this ? God, as I believe God to be, created all that we see and all that we don't see. God created us all, but why ? God can create whatever he likes in a perfect form so why did he create such imperfect beings as ourselves ? That is the question, to what end ?
 Perhaps the answer is the obvious one, there isn't an end. As I have hypothesized in previous blogs I do think we are nothing more than energy, at least that is how I describe the soul. Energy can not be destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. It logically follows then there wouldn't be an end. Men think of an end because our lives are finite, at least to our perception they are. Infinity is a concept that humanity cannot wrap our collective minds around. Think of space, is there an end ? That's infinite right ? Even if space is a circle, enormous in size, our minds say there has to be an inside and outside, there has to be a boundary.
 If we are energy, energy must act upon something to cause change. What I'm wondering about is what are we ( man, energy ) acting upon ? What is the change we are supposed to affect with our lives ? Do each of us have an individual purpose or is it supposed to be a collective effort ? If that collective goal, whatever that may be, was reached, would that then be the end ? I believe that man can neither create or destroy energy but that doesn't mean God can't. Perhaps the goal is to change the state of that energy I call the soul. Then the question becomes, to what state ? Are we potential energy or kinetic ? I'd say we must be kinetic as we are traveling from one place to another. Makes no difference where we came from or where we are going really, we are in motion. Isn't that the perception ?
 The question remains unanswered however, what is it that we are acting upon ? If we are not acting upon something then we would have to be potential energy. Surely we are more than storage containers for energy. That may explain why we come and go however, as we are needed. Could explain why some of us live long lives and others are taken too soon. But that too, is dependent upon our perception of things. Do we store the most energy at birth or at death ? You could say at birth our potential is the greatest and at death we have exhausted that potential. You could just as easily say the potential remains unchanged until it is acted upon by the one that created that energy ! In that scenario I will never know for what end I was created. It is in that I will have to remain content. I'll be called upon when I am needed. The choice I am left with is, what to do in the meantime.