Just Me

Just Me
Look,I'm just sayin'

Friday, March 24, 2017


 There are times when it is best to say nothing. I believe that but find it a very difficult thing to do. I suppose it has something to do with my personality. I know, I never shut up, but that is who I am. I'm still learning to live with that. I do feel unsettled when I can't speak. Thing is I know that there are circumstances where it will do little to no good and so the best thing is to say nothing. It's an irritation .
 This morning I find myself in just such a situation. The stuff that is on my mind doesn't need to be shared. And yet, as you can see, I'm writing about not writing ! Maybe I have a problem. Nah, I don't have a problem just an inquisitive nature. I do want to know what others are thinking. I don't always agree with their thoughts but I want to know. I also feel the compulsion to share my thoughts. Thoughts expand when exposed to others. I mean, when you write them or say them out loud they may take on a different meaning or impart a new understanding. Saying nothing feels like a surrender to me. I don't like to surrender. Surrender goes against my nature.
 It is strange that I don't have a win at all costs attitude. If you don't like to surrender, almost refusing to do so, you would think that would have to be the case. It isn't so. Oh, I like to win no doubt about that, don't we all, but I will resign. Resignation is not the same as surrender. That is what I tell myself anyway. So this morning I have resigned myself to not saying a thing.  Of course I had to say that so ?