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Monday, March 20, 2017

calmer waters

 I wonder when we will all see calmer waters ? That is what I am thinking about this morning. The last year or so the seas have certainly been stormy ones. Seems like one wave after another came crashing down on our social conscience. Terror attacks, hate crimes, night club shootings, the police under attack, and then Trump wins the election. It has been quite the voyage so far. And the storm rages on. I just can't help but wonder, what will happen next ? Surely there must be a calm that follows the tsunami that is Trump. And that isn't a commentary of him one way or another, just an acknowledgement of his impact. Only time will reveal whether he leaves a path of destruction or clears the way for growth. All of these things can be viewed in either way. You know you have to stir the batter to make a cake !
 There have been many discussion taking place, but little has been settled. The left, if that is how you choose to describe them, really wanted to stay with the status quo. Just keep on going and giving without strife or struggle. It is much easier that way. They assigned some of their best scholars to justify the unjust. They labeled it " freedom " and " choice " hijacking those terms from the American vocabulary and perverting the meanings of each. Then having lost the election they search for ways to circumvent that very result. The left has " circled the wagons " and decided to fight. What they fail to understand is the battle is over. The ones on the right are moving forward leaving those circled wagons to fend for themselves, all the while being constantly harassed by those from the left but moving forward nonetheless. In an ironic twist to the commentary, the right shall preserver !
 All of that is what I was thinking about this morning. That led me to wonder when will we see calmer waters ? How can we find our way out of the storm ? The usual way is for some other dramatic event to happen. Those on the left wishing for the downfall of Trump. I would have to say an assignation attempt is not out of the question, things have gotten that rough. No doubt the proverbial pot has been stirred. I'm watching with trepidation . I m afraid for our children and grandchildren. We have reached a pivotal point in history regarding the United States of America. We will either reaffirm our dominance and status in the global community, or be redefined ! I made a short posting on Facebook, that social platform that feeds a great deal of this trepidation and anger, about my hope for America. I hope that one day our descendants will read our history and shake their heads in disbelief. How could America ever feel like the murder of innocent children was a viable choice ? I want them to not understand that at all. That thought should be as repulsive to them as the thought of owning slaves is to us today. Yes, at one time in America our social conscience allowed for that as well. We did grow and learn. Growth should be accompanied by maturity ! There is a large section of the population that fails to understand that. With maturity common sense flourishes. The three are intertwined. I'm just worried. What is it going to take to make folks snap out of it.  I don't think it is going to be pleasant.