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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

personal health

  The big topic of discussion is the proposed health care plan from Trump and his administration. The complete repeal of Obamacare is what was promised. I don't think that is going to happen though, just some modifications to the plan. Health insurance is like anything else, basic in its' design and so similarities between plans will always exist. What I'm saying is, a Yugo and a Cadillac are both cars. And right now we have all the experts shouting to the rooftops about what is required, indeed what some are calling mandatory and a basic human right ! That's right, health insurance is a basic human right ! I disagree, health care is a privilege, not a right. Access to affordable health care is a noble goal no doubt about that, but a right ? I don't think so, not in a free market society it isn't. Socialized medicine belongs in a socialist society. Seems clear enough to me and I wonder how so many get confused about that. The goal of the government should not be to have everyone insured to pay the cost of healthcare. The goal should be to lower the cost of healthcare to affordable levels. Having insurance companies continue funding whatever the cost is never going to lower that cost. Not a difficult thing to understand. All that accomplishes is the financing of our healthcare. We all have to buy car insurance. Has that lowered the cost of a car ? I don't think so. And when those companies pay out do they still profit ? Of course they do and so do medical insurance companies. The government of the United States is not in the insurance business. Why then should the government finance them ? What profit is being made ? None, it is an expenditure. The government should be working towards reducing those expenditures. That is what responsible government is all about.
 Now I don't have any suggestions as to how to accomplish that task. If I did I would be an instant celebrity. I believe in a free market and as few regulations as possible. How can the government drive the cost of healthcare down ? That is the sticky wicket isn't it  ? Everyone agrees that everybody should have access to healthcare whether they are rich or poor. To believe otherwise is just unchristian. Of course we must remember that we are not a Christian nation right ? Or is that conditional depending on your financial resources ? What I mean is, should I be forced to be charitable ? If I am being forced to pay into a health care system that provides benefits to those that don't contribute, how can that be viewed any differently ? A forced morality ? On the other hand how can we question the ethics of the medical community as it relates to costs ? Shall we tell a Doctor he or she can only charge a set amount for a procedure ? Can we impose penalties on them for that ? Obamacare imposed a penalty on those that chose not to buy insurance. Basically you were being fined for not supporting an insurance company. The sword cuts both ways.
 With the forced buying of insurance what were we saying ? We were saying you can't be trusted to be responsible for yourself. The government knows what is best for you. You must be insured because we are going to provide the service whether you can pay of not ! We know, given the choice, you will not act responsibly. Insurance will be the last thing on your list of necessary items. Yes, you will want to eat, pay your rent, drive a car, have a cell phone and a flat screen television before you are concerned with what might happen. The government has to control you, for your own good !
 I'm no expert on Obamacare or any other health care program. I can't speak with authority but am definitely opposed to any forced buying of a service by the government. I also firmly believe in personal accountability. How many could afford that insurance if it what they really wanted ? Strange how the Casinos aren't lacking for customers, or all the state lotteries, no liquor stores going out of business, and tattoo parlors are doing a booming business. Seems like a lot of folks can afford all of that without government subsidy. Or is it because of government subsidy that they can afford those things ? Maybe we should figure out some way to reduce the government subsidy to those folks and divert it to healthcare. How about we finance a national health care system on selling dope. Even the poorest of the poor can buy that. Maybe we could legalize Pot and Prostitution and funnel the proceeds into that system. Why not, we are slowly inching that way anyhow. What about a percentage of all profits from the Casinos ? That is, of course if you believe the government should be responsible for your choices. Or we could just say all money goes into a central government and we all get issued a check once a month. The government will determine how much you need. Health care is free, food is free, everything is free. Just do whatever you like, it's your right ! The government is responsible, not you. Isn't that the utopia the left dreams about.