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Just Me
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

an important piece

  I do believe we are all here for a reason. That is something all of us need to believe. If that weren't the case it makes things rather pointless doesn't it ? So having established that much we struggle with a way to measure our contribution. Just how large a contribution are we destined to make ? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, first we need to establish expectations. Isn't that what we are being taught these days , to be goal oriented ? So, just what is the goal ? The goal is to fulfill our purpose. Will that happen no matter what we do ? No, because I believe we are also given free choice. If we have free choice then we are not predestined to a specific purpose. And so in that we would have to determine just what our purpose is. That is where all the confusion resides however. We are here for a reason, yet we can change that reason ? Humm, can't have it both ways can you ?
 Can I know what that purpose is ? No, I would have to say I cannot. I would say I can convince myself of a purpose, firmly believe in that purpose but that isn't proof of the purpose. I have said it before and will repeat it, the hardest person to convince is yourself. I believe that if you are completely honest with yourself that statement is true. The validity of your convictions must be substantiated by your private thoughts, not the acknowledgement of a crowd. The difficulty is in realizing the significance of your contribution. That is easy with wealth and fame right ? If everyone says so, it must be true. We all know that isn't right however, although I submit we would all like to find out firsthand. Andy Warhol said everybody gets fifteen minutes of fame, shame we don't get fifteen minutes of wealth too. But are those things the true measure of your contribution ? No, I'd say they aren't but they will get you remembered, and remembered by the masses.
 I'd say we all want our contribution to be significant. At the very least we need to believe that to be so. Isn't that why we believe we are here for a reason ? I believe that anyway. It is difficult for me to believe I am the piece that gets discarded or doesn't play an important role in this thing we call life. Accepting that may be my purpose, just being those things, shouldn't be greeted with a sense of resignation. No, that knowledge should be accepted as a reality. And reality is the hardest thing to accept at times. Maybe that is my purpose after all, to learn to accept reality. We really don't know what came before and what comes after ? We really don't know do we ? But, we are here for a reason ! Aren't we ?