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Saturday, February 11, 2017


 I was talking about this just the other day and thinking back to when I was young. This morning I turn on my computer and get the news. I follow a news site called the Caroline Circle that posts to Facebook. I live in Caroline county. We call ourselves the Green Garden county. With a population of a little more than 33,000 in 2010 we are quite rural. Caroline county does not have an interstate or US highway running through it. Still, I just read where a church in Denton, the county seat, was robbed. Yes, you read that correctly, one or more persons broke into the church and stole several thousand dollars worth of electronic equipment. The church was robbed !
 Like I said I was talking about this just the other day. I was saying how I remembered when the doors to the church were never locked. Sometime during the sixties that changed, at least in East Hampton at St. Lukes it did. I could be mistaken but I don't think it was too long after the wooden doors were replaced with the glass ones that are there now. I understood the necessity of doing so but found it incredibly sad. Where has our society gone when the church must lock it doors ?  Like a old wound it was opened up again by reading that news story. I remember when criminals respected the church, no matter what church it was. What happened to that ? Is the idea of eternal damnation really being dismissed that easily ? Aren't parents teaching their children to fear God ? I sure was and so was everyone I knew. The wrath of God was an ever present possibility ! Hey, not that myself or my friends took it deadly serious, but it sure gave us pause to think. Robbing a church didn't enter our thinking, although other sinful acts certainly did. I don't think you would be forgiven for that. Besides weren't the doors left open for us all to pray whenever the need arose ? The house of the Lord was never closed.
 Like everyone else I often think about the old days and the way things used to be. I can get nostalgic. I remember the " good old days " and wish they would return. I realize it wasn't all that I remember and things weren't always so great. There was injustice just as there is today. I just can't help wonder though, where happened to God in our society ? Is nothing sacred anymore ? Has that notion been cast aside in favor of legislation ? Is that all we are accountable too, the rule of Law ? I find it all so very sad. The equipment can be replaced. I hope the criminals are brought to justice. The real justice to me would be that whoever committed this despicable act find a fear of God in his heart. A genuine fear that his punishment is yet to come and there is no parole from it ! That would be real justice ! Understanding your own guilt and dreading the consequences is the wrath of God ! That is my feeling anyway. I don't fear lightening bolts and the hand of God striking me down. No the real fear stems from knowing what you have done and that judgement awaits. You can't escape that court date !