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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Just zip it

 What happened to the safety pins ? Remember when that was supposed to be a thing ? Shame that didn't catch on, that way I would know who is likely to punch me in the face. But I think maybe those folks have developed a new tactic, they have taken up rioting instead. Could it be that they have figured out just being quiet and going along with everything just doesn't work ! Have they figured out that you actually have to do something to get results ? The safety pin campaign was mocked and laughed out of existence. The reaction to that appears to be throw a tantrum ! At least I think that is what has replaced the safety pin. Apparently the pin has opened up and stuck a few where it hurts.
 I remember a time not long ago when speakers were invited to the college campuses. These speakers may or may not be expressing popular opinion. Some of those speakers were quite controversial . But, the " educated " liberal folks embraced them, no matter how repulsive the message. Why it was forward thinking and progressive. Except now the safety pin brigade throws a tantrum and silences a speaker they don't agree with. That guy just might tell the truth ! OMG we can't have that happen. That guy is just a commie ! I don't think he wears a single ribbon, not one. We demand a celebrity speak instead because celebrities form our political opinions. Miley and J-Lo know the deal, they're " real " folks. Or we could get Michael Moore, he really knows his stuff. We are definitely not going to listen to that Milo guy, why we will marginalize him !! That ought to send him in search of a safe space, We control those safe spaces though and won't include him or anyone else that doesn't agree with us.
 I read where California wants to secede from the union. The plan is to form their own country. Bet I know what will be on their flag, wanna guess ? Or will they have a flag, flags can be divisive you know. Some flags are downright racist ! So, no maybe they shouldn't have a flag after all. A banner perhaps, yeah a banner seems appropriate. It does have to be all inclusive though so I don't think primary colors would do. I've got it ! Ribbons , a collection of ribbons. They could be joined together with safety pins ! That ought to work. The flag pole itself could be a giant safety pin. The constitution for this new land should be simple enough to write. In order to form a new more perfect singularity we have decided you can just do whatever you like. Common sense and the truth is not be allowed however. Reality is whatever you perceive it to be. Mostly whatever movie stars and pop stars tell you it is.
 Well, we'll all have to wait and see what happens. California does have silicone valley, a pretty slippery bunch . LOL  Yeah that is a bad joke but so is a lot of the stuff coming out of California in general. I know the media says it wasn't the students at Berkley but outside agitators. Just who did they agitate though ? Wasn't the speaker was it ? Nope, he wasn't allowed to speak. And those students certainly weren't agitated enough to fight for his right to speak where they ? Could it be that just a bit of hypocrisy exists ? Perhaps the safety pin just isn't strong enough, they should try Velcro ! Or better yet, just zip it ! Whole bunch of problems could be avoided that way.