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Friday, February 24, 2017

It's not alright

  I often write about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it is an old memory and sometimes it is nothing more than a discussion with myself. Today as I was watching the morning news the transgender bathroom thing is being discussed once again. Apparently Trump has rescinded whatever Obama had said or done. A little research into that and it turns out it isn't that big a deal. Obama threatened the states with the withholding of funds if the schools didn't allow the trans people to use whatever bathroom they wanted. Trump has just said the states get to decide on that. Of course the news media is making big deal out of this. Some 17 year old transgender person is taking the case to the supreme court. This person claims it is a right to choose what bathroom you want to use . I didn't read that anywhere in my copy of the constitution or the bill of rights. But whatever the case may be, it leaves me wondering. How did we reach this point ? How did we get to where a person that represents approximately .3 per cent of the total population gets a case heard before the Supreme court about a bathroom issue ? Really ?  The Supreme court is going to decide if a boy should use the boys room and a girl use the girls room ? Gender identity ? Say whatever you will, gender is quite easy to determine. What you choose to identify as is in your own mind. Hormones and physical alteration will not change your gender. Just check the DNA, the science doesn't lie. I'd classify a .3 % mentality as an aberration. An aberration is a characteristic that deviates from the normal type. That is the biological definition. Another synonym is deviate.
 I'm not saying these folks can't identify any way they choose. It is after all their business. On the other hand I don't believe that entitles them to anything special. Making legislation to benefit a mere .3 % of the population would be just that. To me it is not unlike the current situation. A good portion of the voting population is now claiming Clinton should have won, she had the most votes ! Majority rules. Well is .3 % a majority ? Is there a majority among the remaining 99.7 % of the population ? I highly doubt that. And for that reason I say, no. Use the bathroom that matches your gender. If that is a problem for you, could be, that is the problem. But, that is just my opinion. I don't have a problem with them choosing what they want to be. I really could care less about their private lives. And that is the thing here, it is private and should remain that way. I won't apologize for not wanting these aberrant folks in my private spaces. Make no mistake about it, bathrooms are private areas restricted to the gender designated on the door ! That is why it says boys and girls !  Should a school or place of business choose to designate a facility clearly marked for them, That's fine.
 I do get annoyed with this narrative that if I disagree with their choices I am somehow prejudiced or wrong. I do have that option, to disagree I mean. That doesn't mean I hate you, want to kill you, or anything else. What it means is you are in the .3 % and I am in the majority, whatever that majority would be. Others may not be in that .3% and have no problem with your choices, that is also their choice. I do believe the majority of the population would just as soon leave things alone. Boys go to the boys room, girls go to the girls room. Hey, I'm just saying I'm a white male Caucasian. I could dye my skin and have a sex change operation. That will not make me a black female ! You do not get to decide what you are. You can decide what you want to be, I'm not arguing that, but you are what you are. The whole thing is ridiculous. Transgenderism, if that is even a thing, is aberrant behavior. I will not validate that behavior by making special provisions for their desires. I just won't do it.  All I'm saying is stay out of my bathroom. It's not alright.