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Just Me
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


 I have moved past anger to disappointment. You know how that goes don't you ? It is like dealing with children. You place your trust in them and wind up disappointed. You don't hate them or wish them punished you just feel disappointed. That is because disappointment is the erosion of trust. Trust, once eroded, is very difficult to replace. This is especially true when that trust has existed for some time. That is what has happened to me lately. I have been disappointed in those that I trusted. My confidence has been betrayed and it has damaged me. Yes, I cried out at first, a normal human reaction, but the initial shock has passed. It is very difficult to just resign, to accept what I once believed to be true, to be nothing more than a façade. I have seen beyond the veneer to the core of some and it isn't the substance I expected at all. Yes, it is a disappointment.
 I've started and stopped this mornings blog posting several times. In over two hours of writing and rambling I now believe I have summed up my feelings in one paragraph. Really, in one word, disappointed.