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Sunday, February 19, 2017

taking advantage ?

 My son from upstate New York is down for a short visit. His brother in law is attending a conference in the city of Baltimore and so my son and his family came along. They're staying at my place while he attends the conference. Billy, that's the brother in law, called yesterday and said he would have some time tomorrow away from the conference. One of the big attractions in Baltimore is the inner harbor. It is a tourist destination as well as a working seaport. The " inner " harbor is full of little shops and restaurants and all the typical touristy stuff. It is quite beautiful and protected. Lots of police presence to maintain the family atmosphere vital to the tourist trade. Like most major cities a few blocks way can be quite different. Anyway, Billy called and invited us to come walk around the inner harbor with him. The wife and I respectfully declined that invitation. The reason is a simple one, to us it is not an attraction. Isn't that the way it always is ? I've touched on this subject before, the things in our own backyard are not an attraction to us. Strangely it is true even when you haven't seen them ! I'm guessing it is simply because we figure we can see then anytime. In the case of the inner harbor I'm waiting for warmer weather and for the " season " to start. At least that is the excuse I'm using this time. With Billy he figures to take advantage of the situation. I see no advantage at all. Strange how it doesn't seem right to be taking advantage of a situation, but you feel compelled to do so at the same time. I guess sometimes it is right to take advantage. Anyway, the wife and I can go see the inner harbor any time the mood strikes us.
 I have written about this in the past and offered advice about it as well. I said, get out, explore your town and the surrounding towns. Go see the attractions, and the things that are not attractive, hidden little treasures. I confess I've done very little of that. I'm always putting it off and finding an excuse. If it isn't gas prices, it's the weather. It seems if I don't have a destination, I don't go anywhere. Funny how that works, isn't it ? That could be said about life in general as well. I don't seem to have a destination in mind. That's because I'm a free spirit ! That is what I tell myself anyway, I won't be tied down. Yeah, but I keep myself on a short leash most of the time. I just don't go wandering the neighborhood. It is my feeling many others don't as well. Seems like in more recent times one has to be awful careful not to trespass. I remember a time when if you wandered onto someone's property you would be met with a hello. Now, you're more likely to be met with a lawsuit. Folks just don't assume you're lost anymore I guess. As a kid I wandered around the woods behind my house. No one every said a thing about that, probably the property owner didn't even know. But, once or twice in my wanderings I came across a home back up in those woods. On at least one occasion I was offered a cold drink of water and told where the road was, if I cared to go home that way. I didn't and went back the way I had come.
 When I worked at the grocery store I spoke to everyone. I was always amused by their reactions. The older folks would most likely give you a friendly hello right back. The middle aged ones, in their thirties or so, usually just gave me a strange look like, what is he going to try and sell me. The teenagers and early twenties bunch thought I was crazy. The little ones though, they always smiled and said hello, sometimes sharing their toys or a thought or two. I'm getting celery sticks or I'm helping Mommy with the shopping. I enjoyed that. I certainly met a lot of folks but have no idea where they lived. I'm assuming Greensboro and the surrounding area. Now, folks around here are friendly enough, for the most part, but difficult to make friends with. I understand that completely, was the same way where I grew up. Thing is, there has to be some attraction, something to take advantage of, before that action takes place. What is in it for me. If there is no advantage, there is no attraction.
 It is all human nature I suppose. I'm no different than anyone else and find myself doing the same thing. I do try and remind myself about that though. I enjoy sharing things with people. I get far more enjoyment out of sharing than I do keeping something to myself. I see no point say in having a collection and keeping it hidden from view. What enjoyment is there in that ? If I have two bottles of soda I'd rather share one with someone else, enjoy their company, than keep the other bottle for myself. The attraction to them may be the free soda, that is true, but the advantage was mine. I got their company. Of course I might have regrets later on. Life is funny that way you just can't tell sometimes.
 It pays to have an advantage. That is a simple fact in this world. The obvious ones being wealth, power, and influence, not necessarily in that order. How a person uses that advantage is what defines them. Are they the bully ? It is easy to slip into that role and many do it unawares. They feel they are doing a service. But what of attraction ? What makes a person attractive to another ? I don't mean in a physical way, that is chemistry and biology, but you want to be their friend. It has nothing to do with age or sex but everything to do with the fact their presence pleases you. I can find that whether I am physically in the presence of another person or through social media. In the old days we called them pen-pals, remember that ? That is what I'm talking about, that type of attraction. But was there an advantage ? Only as long as one person wanted to hear from the other.
 I'm not sure what all this has to do with anything. I just started writing as I usually do. For me it is a continuing discourse. I do need to get out and about more though, take my own advice. I'll wait for warmer weather though, Life goes on much the same as it always has.