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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Professional Crafter ?

  Do we buy stuff to satisfy a need for the object, or is it something more ? That thought came to me last night. You see my wife is an expert at crochet and often makes things for others. She has made all types of things and some she has offered for sale. I'm certain that anyone that has crafted anything by hand knows the time involved in making even the simplest of things. Generally speaking folks don't want to pay much for those items, often not even the cost of the material used to fabricate the item. I believe that is because they don't understand the skill and patience it requires. And that is also why I think we have become such a consumer driven society. Lacking a sense of accomplishment in having created whatever it is we want, we try to fill that void with money. We try to buy that satisfaction. We take pride in our purchases rather than in our accomplishments.
 I'm struggling to explain my thoughts. What I'm saying is in years past we had to make our own stuff. We appreciated the time and skill it took. We took pride in that accomplishment. We then took care of the things we had, keeping them in good repair and treasuring them from one generation to another. That certainly isn't happening today. It is true that many of the things we want or need would be impossible for us to make at home. I do think that has left many of us frustrated. I can't make the things I need, so I have to buy them. In order to buy them, I have to have money. And the circle continues. There is always the desire for more.
 A hobby was something done for entertainment. Some still call it that, but more commonly it is called crafting.  Why is that ? Why the change ?  Crafting sounds better, more skillful. Takes a craftsman to craft doesn't it ? That is the inference. Many of these crafts  practiced today where essential life skills in years past, you know back when you couldn't just buy everything. But is this buying of things leaving an empty spot in our lives ? I do think we all have an instinct to provide for ourselves and others. Is crafting an attempt to satisfy an essential human need ? The need to provide for ourselves, survival, and the need to care for others. More importantly perhaps is the answer to the question, can we buy this satisfaction ? I think we can convince our self that it does. The more money we have the easier it is to convince ourselves of that, is also my thinking. Maybe that is why we don't want to pay for " handmade " items. Manufactured items are superior ? That is certainly an economic perception that is why we will pay more for them. Strangely most folks will disagree with that statement though, saying there is nothing like handmade until they have to pay for that item that is, then the monetary value drops considerably. Wealthier folks will often insist upon hand crafted items of the highest quality. I wonder if it is the quality they want or the prestige of being able to afford it ? It is true money is much better if you can flaunt it. Perhaps the acquisition of the most expensive items is a manifestation of that.
 It is all about professional. Everything has to be professional grade or done by a professional. What is a professional ? Someone that gets paid to do a job. It is as simple as that. We tend to believe professionals are expert at doing whatever it is that they do. Nothing could be farther from reality. Yesterday I could not spell carpenter. Today I was hired as one, I'm a professional carpenter. Works that way with everything. So if you want someone else to do whatever you hire a professional. If you do it yourself it is called crafting. The things made by a crafter are not professionally made though. Unless someone pays you to do it, then you're a professional ! I wonder if I could become a professional crafter ? It's all very confusing. I've even confused myself this morning. What am I talking about ?