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Just Me
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Thursday, February 9, 2017


 It started before the election. Political disagreements causing so much unrest. Folks have been rubbing each other the wrong way. It isn't letting up either. I have been guilty of the same behaviors and point no finger in any particular direction. I must say I have been surprised by some. They had a pretty good veneer but when it was rubbed through I saw there true substance. It was a bit disappointing in many cases. I suppose each of us have own set of values and it is hard to reconcile those values with reality at times. I have always been a bit of a pragmatist. I do tend to see the heart of the matter and accept that. Never saw much use in crying over spilled milk. A saying I grew with. What's done is done. If it was a good thing repeat it, if it wasn't don't. Fairly simple and straightforward I would say.
 I'm not one to block folks, but I admit to doing that on at least one occasion. Turns out it wasn't a good thing so I won't repeat that. I found that by blocking someone it grates on my conscience. The old practice what you preach thing. I also have a big old stubborn streak and so won't undo that action either. I'll justify it by saying, " I keep my word. " Now, isn't that silly ? Still, it is what it is. I don't hate that person. Fact is I never met the person and so only know whatever was presented to me. The veneer on that person turned out to be quite thin. It wasn't long before it rubbed completely through. Turns out that material was incompatible with mine.
 It must be difficult for those that perceive their social status as above the crowd to meet with disappointment. Take those celebrities for instance. They feel all self important because so many have told them that. A great deal of the folks telling them that stand to gain from that action. Others may be star struck. Many didn't get their way this time. Oh my, it is a tragedy, we're leaving the country. Then it struck them, a lot of folks don't care if you do ! Their existence, their entire worth is for entertainment. Maybe that is why they formed so many " associations " to give themselves awards. They got so magnanimous with their awards they even created a " Peoples Choice " award. Yes, we will let the peons decide, it'll be fun. If that isn't the epitome of arrogance I don't know what is. It is a long fall from the ivory tower.
 I've got my share of flaws I am well aware of that. I get reminded often, by myself and others. I do believe that pretense is not one of them. I don't pretend to be something I'm not. I never have and never will. The head doctors will say you suffer from low self esteem. Nothing could be farther from the truth, it is arrogance I must guard against, and I would say that is true for the majority of the population. It is arrogance that builds those towers isn't it ? The real issue with those towers is the foundation upon which they are built. They have a tendency to decay over time because of the materials used. I'm watching quite a few tumble down right now. It is truly ironic that a man that builds " towers " has caused so many others to fall. The elites are squirming ! I'm not saying his foundation is secure, only time will tell. Those towers can fall as fast as they rise.
 At the very least you know what you got. I hope that is true with me as well. I hope to be as truthful and open as I can. What I mean is, I won't censor myself to maintain a friendship. Friends are not censored. I don't have to agree with you to be your friend. I guess I can sum this up with an old phrase, all that glitters ain't gold. Isn't that disappointing !