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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

trying to listen

 Trump has only been the President for eleven days. Wait, let that sink in. He has been President eleven days. Ever since the inauguration it has been a maelstrom. How long this can continue is anyone's guess. I find it quite unsettling. I don't see how we are going to run a country or maintain peace if we continue in this fashion. What I'm seeing is a clear divide. On one side are the ones that are not happy with the election result and determined to undermine anything the current administration attempts. It doesn't make any difference to them whether it is a prudent and sensible thing or one of complete nonsense, it is being protested. The other half are just digging in their heels and standing their ground ! They are as equally convinced of their righteousness. The middle ground, if ever there was one, has disappeared.
 The conspiracy people are having a field day. I have heard everything from it is the Rise of the Third Reich to it is a plan to destroy America forever. It is the rise of the New World Order, one central controlling government ! George Soros and the other Billionaires are taking over and Trump is just their puppet. The vote meant nothing, it was all a shell game. Chicken Little himself would certainly be convinced. The plan is to get American embroiled in a civil war, destroy it from within. Then a world militia can assume control. The final goal is for the billionaires to travel in space and establish their own utopian world, leaving the rest of us to die on an exhausted planet.
 I've got a feeling it is going to be a long four years. Eleven days and it seems like a months already.  I'm not that upset with the results of the election or what he has done so far. As I have said many times, I didn't vote for him or Hillary but he won. That's just the way it works in America. My obligation to cast my ballot was fulfilled. I am as equally obligated to accept the result. That isn't to say I must approve of his every move. But there are mechanisms in place to deal with that. That is why we have a senate and a house. Collectively know as Congress ! We must also allow the Congress to do its' job.
 Trump is being made to represent everything foul and evil in the world. The string of adjectives and expletives are truly amazing. They run the entire gamut of every possible negative personality trait one could possess. A good majority of the folks spewing forth this rhetoric are professing their love for humanity and doing what is right ! All the while they are acting in the most unchristian like fashion imaginable. They are pretty much saying you will act in the " Christian tradition " or we'll kill you ! That is pretty much what I'm seeing. The number of contradictions is staggering. We must allow the influx of thousands of " refugees " but it is fine to kill our unborn, in fact, the government should finance that. We must feed, clothe, and provide health care to everyone. Of course our own homeless and hungry don't count, they're not refugees, they're just vagrants !  The biggest contradiction of all is many of those on the left disavow the very existence of God. Science is their champion ! They believe they can control the world environment and science provides all the answers. Hypocrisy at its' finest. Pure science is an impassionate thing right ? Isn't that the " ethical " concern we have always had ? If we eliminate God, in all his many forms, from the equation, atrocities will occur. Things that are an abomination to man !
 I'm not saying Trump has the answers. I haven't seen him do anything that has caused me great alarm. So far he is keeping his campaign promises. They weren't necessarily promises I like or agree with but you have to give him credit for that. I respect someone that keeps their promises, whether I like the person or the promise. Hollywood seems to be a bit nervous. I guess it is because all those celebrities lead such a moral life. That is what they are noted for right ? Shining examples of moral and just behaviors. Yes Hollywood is a bastion of Christian values alright, I suppose we should listen carefully.
 That is what I have been doing lately, just listening. I was guilty of being too vocal and speaking out of turn. I was called out on that and it was justified. So now I am determined to try and listen. It isn't easy over the current din. I am opinionated and normally don't hesitate to express those opinions. Opinions are subject to change and I may change mine at any time. I know that made some of you laugh and others snort ! It's alright I don't mind. My thoughts do have a habit of racing ahead. It has only been eleven days ! Maybe we should all just calm down and wait a bit longer before condemning the guy. There is plenty of time. Our government is not noted for swift actions !
 Oh, did you know the sky is falling ? Yup, scientists have determined the amount of carbon byproducts in the atmosphere is causing it to collapse. Ever notice how the clouds look closer lately ?