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Friday, February 17, 2017

It's simple

  Trying to maintain this blog of mine is getting to be a challenge. I'm running out of things to talk about. The original intent was a sort of telling of my story. I feel that it has taken a few turns from that. Now I'm discovering that I am returning to that although in a different sort of way. I have started to present more social commentary. It may prove of interest to some folks in the future as a sort of documentary of the time. Similar to reading old letters I imagine. Alas, they are just the thoughts of a common man. Were I a person of note it would be quite different, but I am well aware I'm just a footnote in all of this. Still, footnotes are important , my English teacher said so.
 Yesterday was a day without immigrants. At least that is how it was billed by the media. It was the first time I've heard of that. I was later informed this idea was started by some high school students in the 90's. Interesting. The whole thing was just a passing interest to me. It didn't effect me in the least. I admit to not having studied the objectives of this " movement. " It just appeared to me as another protest against reality. That happens a lot these days. Folks don't like something or someone so they protest it ignoring reality altogether. Yes, it would be nice if every man trusted every other man to do the right thing, to love one another, and we could all ride unicorns. The reality is quite a bit different. All I can say is this. if you want me to appreciate and respect you don't stage a protest ! What that will accomplish is making me either angry, or to ignore you altogether. That " day without immigrants " thing I just dismissed. To me one of the worst things that can happen to you personally or in a group, is to be dismissed as insignificant.
 It has been pointed out to me that everything isn't black and white. I can't argue with that statement. Things are certainly a great deal more complicated than that. There is no debate. In the final analysis though you do have to decide upon a course of action. That is the black and white part I am so fond of. There are times when that course is clear and others when it is obscured. The fact remains one has to choose. We are looking for answers. What we really need to know is the question. It seems like we can't even decide upon that ? Is there one answer that will satisfy everyone ? No, there is no one answer to a hundred questions. We do have to decide one question at a time. If you continually add variables to the equation one can never determine an answer. I enjoy the discussion but a decision must be reached.
 Well I'm not going to say my answers are correct all the time but I have an answer. I believe that is the best one can hope for, to be confident in their responses. It doesn't mean you have to defend that position till you die. I don't compare my answers to whatever the popular opinion happens to be at the moment. I reach my own conclusions and that is what I present as my answer. It is what I did in school and it worked out fairly well. I got a high school diploma ! It wasn't awarded on popular opinion but on answering the questions. Of course those question were rarely subjective rather they were objective. This country will do well if we can all decide upon the objective. I'm saying that is the question at hand, what is the objective ? Are we to be a strong independent nation or a charitable organization for the world ? An old proverb says, charity begins at home. I would say a nation 17.5 trillion dollars in debt can ill afford to offer more charity to anyone. We have already given to a fault.
 You know that statue, the scales of justice ? The lady is blindfolded for a reason. The meaning is obvious enough. Weigh legal against illegal and which way does the scale tip ? Nothing prejudicial about that. Weigh the pros and cons and the result will be the same. It really is that simple.