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Sunday, February 12, 2017

My fathers son

 I do enjoy Facebook, most of the time anyway. I like seeing and hearing about what is going on in other peoples lives. I like to share my thoughts as well. Yeah, I catch some static about some and likes on others. I really do try not to take any of it personally. I don't always succeed but that just means I'm human. I do find it amusing when I discover an old name and put a face to it. I'm certain others do the same. What I mean is, coming from a small town you naturally know certain family names. Those family names are then associated with certain things in our mind and memory. My problem is there are times when my mind and memory aren't on the same page ! I may know the name, but can't place it in my memory. Does that make any sense to you ?
 It is totally unfair at times the associations we make. We may know what the father did or some other family member. Then we associate that activity with the name. For instance, take my father. Anyone that knew him would associate him with either being a builder or a mechanic. They would know of his personality. Now, they see me on Facebook and start making an association. But, am I my fathers son ? That's a good question isn't it ? My immediate answer would be, of course I am and proud of it. Is that the truth ? Well, that is something others would have to judge as I am biased in that regard. I did spend a good portion of my youth and young adulthood trying to be him. I've since moved on from that. I like to believe I have become my own man, albeit an imperfect one, but one of my own making nonetheless. I'm not saying I'm any more intelligent than anyone else but I think it is a fair assessment to say I am more cerebral than my father was, his was a tactile world. I like to think about things and he just liked to do them.
 It can be a shock to learn what others think when they contrast so sharply with your own. It is like the story of that country mouse and city mouse. Aesop's fables remember them ? I don't think the kids today are reading those anymore. The city mice are willing to live with danger and strife in order to have plenty. The country mouse would rather just eat in peace and safety. I'm thinking I am the country mouse. I can do with less if it means a peaceful life. Those city mice take too many chances if you ask my opinion. I do associate certain family names with city mice and country mice. In my case the " city " is nothing more than those people living in the Village, not an actual city. I did live in the country. It is those names and associations that I am trying to write about. I'm struggling to make my point here, bear with me.
 What is really happening is I am trying to associate a name with a perception. It is perceptions that form the basis for character. In other words, what I see or hear of you, or your family name. Sure we all went to school together but we didn't all know each other. I think it is safe to say the majority of us emulated our parents. We learned to value the things they valued. But at some point in our lives  the majority of us did change, if we had to. Some just continued in their parents footsteps, taking an easier path. That is why I am shocked on occasion by what I read of others. What would their parents have to say about that ? My own Dad left this earth in 1990 and so I don't have his opinion. Mom is 87 and convinced I'm half crazy. It's alright I don't mind, I'm comfortable with that. It would be interesting to hear what my father has to say. He was always straightforward and brutally honest. I may not like what he has to say.
 In a way being on Facebook and seeing the old names is like visiting. It is almost like going back fifty some years later and meeting those people all over again. Strange that they may or may not be anything like I expected. What do I expect ? That is the real question in all of this. I expect it to be fifty years ago and it isn't ! Strangely, it is a shock.