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Monday, February 6, 2017

entertaining compassion

 Like a great deal of America I watched the Super Bowl. Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a big football fan. It is entertaining as far as that goes but that is what it is , an entertainment. My fondness is for baseball, a game, I was far more suited to play in my youth. I played a lot but never for a organized team. I guess I just never felt I was good enough to even try out. Well, none of that matters.  I am still entertained by watching the game. I think what I'm trying to say is, sports aren't my life. It would have been better if the Ravens were in the super bowl, I have a sweatshirt for that team. It was given to me by my sisters son. Hey, maybe next year.
 I was pleased that the commercials weren't overly political. There were some subtle messages there but you had to be paying attention. My take on that is, the advertisers didn't want to upset their costumers no matter what. I understand that and agree with them. If I were advertising a product I would do the same thing. Personal opinion has no place in business ! Well, sometimes it does if you don't mind losing said business. It really depends how strongly you feel about whatever doesn't it ? Putting your money where your mouth is.
 Speaking of money, I heard on the news that 385 million dollars was spent on advertising during the super bowl. Three hundred and eighty five million ! That is just a scratch on the surface however compared to how much money is generated by this entertainment. Just imagine if we could get everyone to support other " causes " with equal funds. Yes the players are making a living and the coaches along with all the support people. But I'm thinking what if we played that one game, that Super Bowl and all the proceeds went to buy books for school children. Turn that " entertainment " into something productive instead. Maybe all the proceeds could be designated by those spending the money to go to whatever charity or cause they desired. Should be able to make an " app " for that.
 I know it is just a crazy idea and would never happen. I was just struck by the amount of money spent on commercials. It is nothing new and I've heard these crazy numbers thrown around before.  It isn't only Super Bowl but all these " entertainments " that generate such huge sums of money. Why can't we raise enough money to provide for our citizens ? The sad truth is people are more than willing to fork over their money for entertainment before anything else. That is why we have such a drug and alcohol problem. That is why cities can support three or more casinos but not reduced cost health care clinics. That is why we have flat screen televisions and blue tooth devices while collecting welfare ! But it is human nature and we are all guilty, each and every one of us. Something to think about though. I'm just saying, one game a year isn't unreasonable is it ? How much good could be accomplished ? Maybe we could just use that game to not only entertain ourselves but entertain some compassion as well. Just a thought.